India reacts to Zakir Naik's presence in Qatar; Modi minister reveals govt's stand | FIFA 2022

As Qatar hosts controversial Islamic preacher and Indian fugitive Zakir Naik at the FIFA World Cup, union minister Hardeep Puri must…

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  1. Full support to.Zakir Naik
    Dont respond to hypocritic secular, majority tyrant and facist government


  2. Dr. Zakir Naik is a walking encyclopedia when he’s almost 3,000 kms away from Indian soil, but Hindus are so pressured so pressured by his presence to an extent that they wanna complain to the Malaysian authorities 😂 stop being so biased the whole world has already seen your true colours and Malaysia is an independent nation, its authorities are not going to take such orders from another nation 😂.

  3. Why why? because you can't stand he is succeeding thriving and is beloved. HE IS MALAYSIAN CITIZEN HE LIVES IN A CLEANER MORE ADVANCED ENVIRONMENT. He is very lucky he left the pollution overpopulation filth and poverty behind. 😒😒😒

  4. I don't mind Indians shit talking about Pakistan but damn this video is emitting Islamophobia. Accusing someone of hate speech just shows sentimental attitude not a rational attitude.

  5. May allah reward him .
    Let indians hypocrits talk , we don't care , they will praise us when they come to middle east searching for jobs . That what hypocrits do .

  6. India is shouting alot to bring back Dawood Ibrahim , Dr. Naik,Lalit Modi , Jaish chief Masood Azhar, Vijay Mallya and other fugitives .
    Koi aaya👎. Stop making fool to public . Still Kulbhushan Yadav and few indian soldiers and people on spy missions are in Pakistan custody and this government is not doing enough.

  7. The hatred that the media like you has created in this country, isn't this the hatred of this country. If you have drunk your mother's milk, prove Zakir Nayak wrong.

  8. Hmmm… Alhamdulillah, very glad Zakir Naik is in Qatar for the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022… and that this is terribly bitter and biting the evil modi / bjp / rss / hindutva fanatics who in the first place created lies that forced Zakir to leave India and relocate to Malaysia.

    Leave Zakir alone… let him do what he does best… thus, spreading the true and peaceful messages of Islam to the whole world… but evil modi / bjp / rss / hindutva fanatics couldn't take it and don't want the truth that Zakir was preaching peacefully India… well, he left India for you… but for now… not forever. 

    So what's your problem? And when will your media team have the guts to face and speak the truth about Zakir? Shame on your negative coverage, hatred, misinformation,  racism and stop calling Zakir a fugitive because the whole world knows the truth and why Zakir is forbidden to set foot in India under the absolutely evil modi regime.

    Wait and watch… because time always speaks the truth… once evil modi / bjp / rss / hindutva fanatics are out of power in India and this will happen… it's only a matter of time… rest assured that Zakir will be on the first flight back to India… and the whole truth and nothing but the pure truth will come out clear and out in the open for all the majority of peaceful Indian citizens to see and judge for themselves, In'Sha'Allah.

  9. tunni tanatan logon ne gober kha kha k dimag mein gober bhar chuka hai 😝😝 pathetic media /pathetic beings , jao yaar tum lindu log gai mata ke pisaab mein duub k marjao …na khud jeete ho na aur ko jeene dete ho. BJP ke chakle

  10. I think you miss apologising
    Indian you always need Muslim world you can't serve without Muslims one minute so you must be tolerant and respect the Muslim scholars

  11. you guys are stupid to think that a Muslim country well give you Zakir Naik and Qatar can easily ban indian goods and products and expel Indian embassador and ban visas to India and turn back 100s of 1000s of Indian labour and ban all kinds and sources of financial transactions to India easily.what can India do ? no Muslim country well give you zakir naik and he is officially responsible to deliver the Islamic massage in Fifa world cup ! Qatar is backing him.India is 1 country and Muslim countries are 62 do you think that India has a chance against them? think logically! Qatar well never ever give zakir naik bcuz his a Muslim man in a Muslim country so Qatar is his strong hold! Malaysia is a muslim country and Turkey is a Muslim country so just forget it. they won't give zakir naik. Qatar officially handed Islamic Dawah project's to Peace TV corporations ! Naik also knows that India can never have him in a Muslim country.

  12. Dr.Zakir naik is not criminal….
    He is not taking any loan from Bank, he is not kill anyone….
    But bjp government trying to prove that Mr. Naik is criminal…..
    Nirav Modi,Bijoy Maliha, Dawood Ibrahim, pragya Singh Thakur( She is accused of bombing),Ramalingya Raju,Subrata Roy….they laundered billions of Dollars,but they are not criminal, government doing nothing to back them in India…..
    So called sadhu Swami Nityananda sarawati is openly threatening Muslim to killed them but he is not criminal…..
    Even Prime minister Narendra Modi also accused for Gujarat Riots…. Thousands of Muslims died in this riots but he is not criminal bcz he is Hindu……

  13. People all over the world are coming to qatar to have a good time, watch games and have fun. They are planning on using this as an opportunity to convert people to their religion. I wonder if this was their plan all along.

  14. I have a doubt?! If he is wanted for hate speech in India why didnt the authority arrest him. Banned him from traveling! Why bring the problem now? After he leaving the country? Why blame Qatar?! I know he is not a good person. But …how he traveled when he is wanted?!

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