Inside Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah's 'Intimate' Date (Source)


Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah were spotted on a date night in New York City on Wednesday.

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  1. Nah as a dude that comes from south africa, im quite disappointed he ddnt get a strong black woman mahn🤣

    Like what happened to South African trevor noah mahn lmao

  2. 🤣🤣I love how people automatically assume the minute people date they suddenly considering marraige and children.

    Trevor has been vocal on not wanting either and he's not the first nor the last to just want a relationship and nothing more. Not saying he might not change his mind since he's said that too.

    Just last week on one of his segments he said again "that's why I don't want kids" while talking about how you can just babysit to get your fill then return the kids to their parents. Everyone calm down.

  3. Trevor what are we going to do without you!!!! Laughter is the best medicine!!!😘😘😘. You have been a light in all the darkness of the world!! I wish only the best for you in all your endeavors in life!!!! I will always love you and your sense of humor. Okay gotta go now my heart is 💔💔💔 I 😭😭😭. May the Holy Spirit continue to Bless you and keep you safe from all harm!!!!!!!🌟🌠✨💫

  4. Considering that he announced the next day that he was leaving the daily show, or whatever it's called, maybe they're just two friends going out and she was supporting him the night before he made the announcement.

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