Insistence in Quality – The Journey of Laptops Evolution| MSI

What came to people’s eyes when they saw an MSI laptop? Most of them would say it is a synonym of professional laptop for gamers…

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  1. Msi is best i have msi laptop and i will buy msi clutch gm30 and asked very cool msi mousepad for christmas i have gf63 thin 9sc it can run everything like msi makes them best

  2. In 2015 I bought a MSI gaming laptop. I used it nearly every day for 6 years- sometimes up to 8 hours a day.
    I got the new MSI laptop today. I see the overheating issues and bottlenecks were solved. Running amazing.

  3. Kuch other big cities(bhopal Nagpur jabalpur etc) main kam se kam or service center to open karlo taki hame na bhatakna pade ya pune ya metro cities na jana pade or keyboard ko durability acchi rakho bhut jaldi damage ho jate hain

  4. i recently bought a MSI GF66 Katana 11UE, Build quality is world class! My first time buying MSI and I am just loving it, my brother is also looking to buy MSI soon. MSI <3

  5. I gave my motherboard to msi india for RMA , they said we don't have replacement now weight for 7 to 15 days ….now after 40 days they need extra 15 days

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