Ip Man: The Final Fight

In post-war Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly summoned again. What started as…

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  1. I wish they'd stop showing Katie Hobb's Garbage before the GOOD videos-it's ruining the show. Katie hobbs is and always WAS a True Garbage eater.

  2. What a wonderful depiction of his life!

    I saw all of the Ip Man movies that America made; very well done, and finally the Chinese Movie based on his life. What I saw was a man who honored his values, loved his family, and lived his life to help those around him.

    One aspect that I saw was that he embraced Wing Chun from a child to a bright old age. As he advanced in years he continued to discover the fascination of its beauty and grace. For example, a branch from a tree can be used in many ways: the joy of a child to climb on and explore,, appropriately defend with strength family when needed, and a cane to brace the old joints when walking.

    Children see strength through pride, but Grandmaster Ip always saw himself as water flowing through a river.
    He was a wonderful, humble man. Who's current could move mountains.

    "He could cut through people like butter! 🙂

  3. It just isn't right….for the first 3 installments of this series, all the language was translated on screen. Why not this last installment?

  4. There are no subtitles. Love the Ip Man stories!! Have watched them over and over. But why add a free film that's in Chinese without subtitles? I prefer a foreign language film with subtitles rather than dubbed. But no translation at all? Seriously?

  5. Wow what can I say about this movie here this man was amazing may he rest in peace along with the other master Bruce Bruce and his son Brandon this this guy was just amazing the things that he could do I like the footage of him at the end the real hymn not the actor I like I said it's been a bit of time that I know I since I haven't left any reviews lately so I'm back to doing reviews again and this one was just I words can't describe it it was so good I mean all of the whole series has been excellent I've learned so much about him I've learned so much about Bruce 13 out of 13 straight skulls as usual I highly recommend seeing this movie too anything with the name IP man and I recommend

  6. This is a joke rite?
    No English titles???
    Just say no to drugs, put the crack pipe, the shrooms, the red and blue pills DOWN….
    Either this? Or whoever put this on is a REAL J*CK *SS…

  7. would have been nice to get subtitles have watched all series and admired the integrity of this great human being. english would have been a nice gift.

  8. I havent seen this IP man movie. But if this 1 is anything like the other IP man movies with Donnie Yen. This movie is gr8. Having said that look for the Donnie Yen IP man movie series if u havent seen it.

  9. No necesito entender en idioma aquí en la pelicula para saber de qie. Se trata sobre las artes marciales. De un gran guerrero de aquellos tiempos.
    Que se enfrentó a una multitud de desafios. Tanto en su vida personal como en las peleas.
    Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible ver esta historia.

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