iPhone 14 Pro 2 months later – was UPGRADING a MISTAKE?!

This is my long-term review of the iPhone 14 Pro. Call it an 8 weeks later review of the iPhone 14 Pro, I have some pros and cons to…

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  1. iOS 16.2 will let you disable the wallpaper and notifications for the always on display.. so that should be better on the battery 😄

  2. Wow, I've been watching a lot of Apple reviews since I converted from Android last yer. You are unique in terms of actually pushing your devices to the upper end of their range; I really appreciate that, and feel it gives me greater insight to the products. No one talks about whether using VoiceOver hogs system resources the way TalkBack on Android, and Narrator on Windows do, that is a whole slice of the Apple market that is never considered imo; a lot of folks rely on Apple's accessibility features to live and work independently.

  3. I love the upgrades in the 14promax. I’m always beta testing the latest software so I don’t expect battery life to be top notch. Would be curious for you to compare the 13pro on the safe software are your 14pro and test battery life. The Esim made me nervous but it transferred easily and has worked great so far.

  4. A bit surprised that folk have had problems with e-sims. I have a Pixel 7 and wanted to dual sim it so needed an e-sim from Vodafone. It was simple to do – although it says it can take 24 hours it took about 5 minutes and has worked just fine. So is this an Apple issue, or a problem with US carriers? Or was I just lucky?

  5. The iPhone 14's are the biggest FLOP since antennagate. The giant hole is waaaay tooo big waaaay too intrusive more so than the notch BIG FAIL. Battery is a flop. It scratches easily that means its low quality built. The camera bump is waaay too big. Its heavier than the 13s which were already monster heavy. STAY AWAY

  6. The most disappointing issue of all are the awful battery consumption! We got the new SoC which have better thermals, slightly bigger battery, new X65 Qualcomm 5G modem with lower consumption, although we get pretty below battery SOT compared to 13 Pro! And that’s because  released the worst iOS in the last years!

  7. I replaced a 13 Pro Max with 14 Pro Max mainly because I needed more storage space now I have got into ProRes video. I am really loving the 14 Pro Max! The always on display is great in my opinion, something I have long wanted. The dynamic island does not worry me either way – it is cool, but of little practical use. But as a keen photographer, what I love the most is the new 48MP camera taking ProRaw – the image quality is unbelievable for a phone. I did some comparisons with my Sony A7iv Camera with 24mm lens, and the 14 Pro images stand very good comparison. It is wonderful to be able to take such high-quality photos when not carrying my camera.

  8. Nice one Patrick I’m glad I stayed with my 13pro I really didn’t care for the dynamic island , let’s hope the 15 will have more improvements would love if they could sink the cameras and make them flush , really hate the big bulky camera on the newer one thanks great content 🇮🇪😎👏

  9. I didn’t have any intention of upgrading my 13 pro max as I am prone to keep tech for a few years before upgrading, due to cost (last phone was an XS max). However, if a new iPhone turns out to be too good to pass by, then I’d consider it. Clearly the 14 pro isn’t and I can’t really see any reason to upgrade for quite a while.

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