iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung S22 Ultra CAMERA TEST!


Camera test comparison of Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – including microphone, night mode, …

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  1. This would be why all the instagram videos and tiktoks you see which only compare the fully zoomed pictures, are only comparing the fully zoomed pictures and nothing else.

  2. Another thing to consider with Apple is all their spying and updates later that slow your phone and make you want to buy their new one. And then there is Apple's exclusivity about every product they have. Hard for me to choose Apple over Samsung.

  3. A phone line company employee told me that iphone 14 photos and videos once posted on social media, it turns out not good quality.

  4. The fact that samsungs optical zoom is 10x vs apples 3x, is really humiliating for samsung given the quality jump on their end isnt anywhere near where it should be. Wow apple.

  5. You assessment of the still images is terrible. Anyone even slightly into photography can see the apple images are much higher dynamic range and sharper. This is coming from soneone planning to buy a S21 FE. How silly.

  6. This just goes to show how little most people know about phones, it's still probably an overwhelming majority of the population that thinks Androids have shit cameras when Samsung's flagship model that mind you is one generation older than the current iPhone keeps up in most categories

  7. You helped me a lot!
    I can't chose between iphone 14 pro max and Samsung s22 ultra. And now I'm know what I will buy!
    Maybe in Februar Samsung s22 ultra will better then iphone 14 pro max, but I don't care about that, I had always android, this time I will try something new like iphone

  8. But reason i.. The 2 handfone not same in sony ericsson… Camera sony ericsson cyber short.. So powerfull better without iphone and samsung s22.. So trouble..

  9. The nigth mode of iPhone is disaster in 15:02 It is very clear that the image is unnatural its. Like a pen drawing the teeth, the edges of the nose and the mustache. The difference between the two images is very clear, and blind people can see that the details in iPhone are with artificial intelligence and not in pure pixels

  10. I got an iPhone 14 pro max from Vodafone, am so disappointed by the front camera selfie. The front camera picture resolution is so poor and blurry for such a hyprid phone. Don't know if there is an issue with the one I got. Returned it already.

  11. iphone is doing great but they should bring good telephoto lens and need to improve lot from watching samsung.
    samsung is very solid and looks simple with good colourful vision & both the phones are doing great in different dimensions.
    but i like samsung here because it fulfills the overall performance for that budget, so i think samsung will be best option to go…

  12. After watching this video, I came to the conclusion that you were paid by Apple to make the iPhone stand out more compared to Samsung, so that the iPhone comes out the winner, so they can sell more phones. We all know that iPhone never invented anything, they just made iPhone based on other phones, they came up with an innovation based on what other phones had. So until just, and maybe, the iPhone is not one of the best phones, and neither is Samsung. When someone buys a phone, I think they buy it for the simple fact: what they can do with it, and they don't buy it because the camera is better. With the iPhone you have advantages and disadvantages as well as with Samsung. So: who is the winner? Peace out ✌️ 😅🙂

  13. Sorry about that, but i am not fan at all to the Iphones and i'm think in this time, there is no phone who can beat the iphone camera , that's what i am realy thinking the Iphone use realy human eye for themselves developments.

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