iPhone 14 Pro Review – 3 Months Later!


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  1. I get only 8-9 hours on screen time with my iphone 14 pro max. always on is turned off and the display brightness is @30-35%. My phone always also gets hot when i charge it with 20w adapter

  2. ,I just found your channel and I really like the video. Even after all the great stuff i heard i am sticking to the 13 pro max, especially the battery life. I switched from a normal 11 to the 13 pro max and the differences are very huge already and if i would want the minor extra features of the 14 pro or even pro max i would have to pay around 200€ to 300€ depends for how much you find a 13 pro /pro max (atleast in Europe). @_dan_art_2003

  3. Coming from a 12 Pro Max battery life isn’t that great in comparison , but I love the camera on my 14 Pro Max , except those moments when the photos app over process pictures with some weird HDR stuff , overall it’s a great phone tho ! Also , You took amazing pictures with it too ! It’s nice to see what you’re able to create with this device !

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