iPhone 15 – 3 AWESOME News!

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  1. Have you check the regulations about the USB-C? it says that it applies to charging portable devices – Apple answer “We will comply” so they can drop charging via Lightning in terms of “This is our first step to port-less iPhone” so they move charging via MagSafe and this way they don’t have to resign from multi million passive income from all 3rd party connectors and adapters complying to new EU regulations and keeping lightning 😅

  2. I welcome USB type-C on iPhone. I don't mind that the base model iPhone's will only have 480mbs as it wont have lighting anymore. But I do think it is a rip off to only offer higher speeds in the pro models. I have had my lightning port fail to connect over time in my iPhone 6sPlus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 10. I think the lightning connector is inferior to USB-C. I currently have an iPhone 13 mini.

  3. Apple executive words were ‘we will comply’, this was taken by many to mean a usb-c iPhone, but it’s entirely possible that it will be portless, also let’s not forget that Apple has until 2024 and we likely won’t see this until the iPhone 16

  4. I can’t be the only one still hoping for an iPhone flip 🥹 still holding onto my iPhone XS because of a possibility of a flip

  5. Personally, I prefer the design of the iPhone 11 with rounded sides, or the 13 with the flat sides… and I still have a fondness for the smaller Mini versions.

  6. Why does everyone keep hating on 14 pro lol 😂 it just came out and y’all talking about some 15 pro already 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  7. I won’t be upgrading to the iPhone 15 pro im really happy with my iPhone 14 pro I will be keeping my iPhone 14 pro for at least 3 years

  8. Man a all titanium iPhone with a glass apple logo for wireless charging would be dope. Not sure how they would integrate MagSafe with it though

  9. There is so much excitement about IPhone 14 and 15, there are so many new features, updates,But the most important part of any phone is battery life, this gets very little attention by Apple and other brands. The extras such as ear iPods need Bluetooth, a drain on the battery. You are only a strong as your weakest link, with I phone it’s the battery! Who ever achieves a phone that’s last a working will become the market leader. So all this hype is worth little.

  10. Wait a minute. I have the iphone 13 mini and it looks just like that. And WHEN are we going to loose that power/data port. They took the power supply away. That's the first start. Then they got sued in Europe because no C-port. Just loose it! It's wireless charging anyway. Just one more iteration. And USBC is fine for drives and such but not for phone's wifi with a transfer speed of 50mB/s.

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