Iran football players decline to sing national anthem at World Cup match – BBC News


Iran refused to sing their national anthem ahead of their World Cup match with England, in a clear show of support for…

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  1. Can BBC broadcast the images of Jalyaan wala Bagh India Punjab, When British Army killed hundred thousands of peace full protesters under the command of General Dier who after the incident shamelessly said that he has no regrets to kill so many peaceful people rather guns stopped firing bullets due short of bullets.

  2. We know BBC is 💩💩 and Iranian have to stay safe from Western propaganda…… We don't need another Libia, Afghanistan, Iraq… Si stay safe and kicks out western dogs out of Iran

  3. I had no idea things were so bad in Iran until the World Cup. I am so shocked and sad for the Iranian people’s struggle.

  4. I don't get it? why doesn't Iran gov just change the rule and give equality to women so there would be no protesters? it doesn't make any sense at all…..unlike China, they limited the media so their citizens can't get the Western's idea, if Iran gov do what protesters said wouldn't it be a win-win situation???
    sorry for bad English

  5. How many children, women, men, old people have been killed by the British, or the france,or the Americans, or the Israel killed.everywhere in the world they have killed people and animals.

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