“It Just Snapped”: Glenn Maxwell Narrates How He Ended Up Breaking His Leg

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell Finally revealed how he broke his leg, which eventually ruled him out of the ongoing ODI series against England. He also said that he is unlikely to be fit in time for the Test series against India in February next year. It is not known how long Maxwell will be sidelined after a friend broke his leg at a 50th birthday party in November.

“A friend of mine, who was also a teacher at my school, we were laughing about something and I pretended to chase him somewhere. I think we both took about three or four steps, and both of us slipped at the same time. I tripped my leg a little bit. got stuck, and he fell, unfortunately at a very bad angle and straight at my feet,” Maxwell said this while speaking on Cricket Australia’s Unplayable podcast.

“It snapped. I heard and felt every bit of it. It was quite painful. I was screaming a bit and he said, ‘Please tell me you’re joking, please tell me you’re joking’,” he added. .

Maxwell also described how he felt after breaking his leg, and talked about how he was just in “pain”.

“I probably didn’t sleep for two days while I was in agony. It was a pretty horrible two days. My wife was incredulous about everything. I shattered my fibula. So I think that was the first snap I heard. It It was broken in half, but it also broke through the bone,” Maxwell said.

Speaking about the Test series against India, Maxwell said: “There’s a time frame as to when they’re going to announce that squad in India and to be fair, there’s a high chance I won’t be able to do that. They’re definitely going to. I’ve got to watch the cricket. And if they take me, they must take a great risk.”

“But I think that’s probably why I don’t want to put a date or a timeline on when I can go back. I want to be okay with that but I want to see how my body recovers and how quickly I recover. I guess I can get the energy back into it. Get and then get back to playing cricket,” he added.

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