Italian Reacts To Is 'Christianity' leading you to Paradise or Hell? – Dr Zakir Naik

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Italian responds to Does ‘Christianity’ lead you to paradise or hell? – dr. Zakir Naik link to the original video:

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  1. Allah/Mohammad: avoid alcohol and women so you can have infinite alcohol and women in jannah

    Christ: do not drunken yourself for you shall be unpure, do so for your eternal salvation by God

    And also Mohammad wasn't prophecied in the Bible in any way Lol, the whole chapter was talking about a prophet coming in the lineage of the Israelites😹

  2. A message to one another there's only one Lord Almighty that created the heavens and the Earth and get it through their heads how dare they denounce the Earth and all the provisions and all the blessings that the Lord Almighty has glorified for us on this Earth and the heart body and soul that they possess and still you deny and the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is in the Bible mentioned by name but in the Hebrew text and the book of Solomon but it was switched the name of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him will switch from muhammadim muhammadim to all together lovely in the book of Solomon that's in the Hebrew text and it's even in the Bible it's expedient for me to go if I don't go the comforter won't come no the comforter is not the archangel Gabriel the archangel was been there peace and blessings be upon him Gabriel since of Adam peace and blessings be upon them both take out the ignorance of Satan denounce Satan and open your heart to the truth that is your salvation you're not guaranteed tomorrow go looking go look in the graveyard from 0 to 100 and more I pray for the guidance of the humanity and the mercy from the Lord Almighty to be showered upon us does that's the only way you are going to gain Paradise just two of the mercy of Allah the Lord Almighty and it's in Genesis 17 times Allah the Arab Christians say Allah all praises to the Creator the

  3. if you consider yourself a christian you have to follow the teachings of jesus not the teachings of church and and other people because people always want to change the rules of God but the rules of God remain unchanged !

  4. Zakir naik is the worst apologist. I suggest you to react to some atheist not to react to this guy who supports anti jewish agendas and who supports religions like islam. No hate but islam itself is hateful religion. According to islam, muslims will kill jews and jews will hide behind trees as their was no technology in his time.
    Kindly also react to islamic dark side instead of watching this guy who debate trolls

  5. Peace and blessing of Almighty Allah SWT be upon our one of greatest dearest prophets Jesus Christ and his mother Mary amen🥰 may Allah SWT guide all us as well usa🇺🇸🇬🇧 Russia🇷🇺 Japan🇯🇵 Germany🇩🇪 spain🇪🇸 Italy🇮🇹 on the straight path always amen🥰

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