1. i say they sit hurts against the saints and start him against the giants. He needs to play 1 more game before the playoffs, otherwise he will be rusty in the playoffs (even more rusty because of the bye)

  2. Certainly not a tin foil hat type, but if you don't think the NFL will be pushing for the Eagles to win the SB then you're crazy af. Just like their last SB winning year, their MVP QB goes down, only for their backup to come in and possibly (depending on how long Hurts is out) win it all? It's like poetry

  3. I dislocated both in two separate incidents on the same run while snowboarding. I was out of commission for several weeks. I obviously don't have the physicians he does but it's disheartening to hear having several shares of him. Now gotta wonder if I drop him to add some rb handcuffs…

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