Jimmy's 2022 Thanksgiving Thoughts | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy celebrates Thanksgiving with some thoughts and facts about the holiday before asking what Higgins, Tariq and Questlove…

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  1. Scientists now say they've successfully been able to effectively mimic natural turkey meat with recycled water bottles which means that from a green standpoint all naturally reproduced turkeys can now be pardoned by the White House, and the only drawback is Americans won't have a recycled materials chair to sit in and enjoy their green turkey meal on Thanksgiving. 🦃 Gobble Gobble

  2. When he first arrived in Hollywood, Martin Short was invited to Johnny Carson's poker game
    by Steve Martin. Money was tight for him then and he wasn't sure about playing.
    He was down $1,700 after three rounds. I've seen him telling the story on a video on YT.
    And Jerry is right about Boston Whalers. I would go for a 22-25 foot center console.
    Workboat style. Outboard or inboard power? Evinrude, Yamaha or Suzuki power? Hmm…

  3. For a "great nation" look at Denmark, Finland, Norway, even Canada.The US is great only for the wealthy and the gun industry. Fact: Cuba, one of the poorest countries on earth, operates a national healthcare system and takes care of all its citizens. Fact: Panama educates everyone for free (even international students). Fact: South Korea has great infrastructure while in the US, it is crumbling more each day. Need I go on?

  4. How can you say you live in the best country on earth. That’s insane. Have you checked the violence and crime rate and shootings? 😮😮

  5. I am thankful about T.V. host like Fallon, Colbert and Kimmel for making us smile for an hour or so and letting us forget about our own troubles for a while…….I didn't include English-American host James Corden in this list because he likes to be nasty to waiters and common folk in general and has a history of it…….Not cool.

  6. Jimmy Fallon YOU are the man! When all of the late night show hosts taking the time off here you are making us laugh. Nice performance this morning at the parade also! Man did you take a break at all today🤗? ❤️ you and the entire staff of The tonight show. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  7. "We live in the greatest nation on earth". Jimmy, that lie has beed debunked. The cat is out of the bag. Let me rephrase: We live in the greatest nation on earth for the ultra rich, everyone else is screwed.

  8. I feel like these exact same videos
    Got brought up in another video I watched recently in the distant past. Not the Shaq thing tho lol. “The crash head”, “cig inhaler”, “can’t find a way to fall til she does” girl, and “bird in the face where they left out the next line where the one chick said ‘it was a f*cking bird in my face’ or something”.

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