Keto Diet On A Budget – Low Carb Ketogenic Meal Plan

You guys have been asking for keto meal plan recipes, so I decided to make some cheap ketogenic recipes that cost just $3.20 per meal, are low in carbs, and insanely flavorful. These keto diet recipes on a budget are honestly some of my favorite keto diet recipes I’ve made, the Moroccan chicken stew is a flavor bomb and low carb, and the golden turmeric rice is magical, it’s a great creative low carb keto meal plan dish. If you’re looking for keto meal prep and the keto diet on a budget, it’s actually really easy with these types of recipes. The ketogenic meal plan is all about low carb, but I made sure to include some serious flavors with this keto recipe. I hope you enjoy my video on how to eat keto on a budget, and let me know what you think of this low carb ketogenic meal plan recipe! Order our new Keto Cookbook:


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Macros per serving of chicken, makes 5 servings 174 calories 1.6 net carbs 2.35 grams total carbohydrates 6.7 grams fat 24.3 grams protein 0.8 grams fiber Macros per serving cauliflower rice, recipes makes 5 servings: 203 calories 4, 8 grams net carbs 7.3 grams total carbs 17.3 grams fat 5.4 grams protein 4.1 grams protein GET THE UTENSILS I USE: Sauté pan with lid:

my pepper mill:

oil splash protection:

box grater:

tongs with non-stick coating:

microplane zester:

pyrex glass mixing bowls:

large pan with non-stick coating:

oil dispenser:

cast iron pan:

wooden cutting board:

glass meal prep containers:

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wooden spoons:

my chef’s knife:

the rest of my stuff:

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  1. Your idea of a budget is different than mine. I just payed $80 for all the ingredients for this meal, and that’s because I bought the cheapest spices.
    It’s delicious btw. 😋

  2. This dish is incredibly delicious!! I have the keto book and I have made almost every dish. Very tasty healthy meals! Now when I go out, I compare my cooking to the restaurant and my food wins

  3. while keto did help me lose weight it always give me theses headaches, u say its normal but my doctor say otherwise. he put me into this diet plant which is agoge and i never felt better when on a diet. keto never is the best for everyone

  4. not that i hate keto, maybe its not just for me. i did lose weight with it but i always feel like a shit. i hated it thats why i switched my diet to agoge diet. never felt better and happier, so easy to follow and still deliver results

  5. I wish I understood meal prepping this for the week. Am I supposed to divide it up into containers and freeze them, then eat one everyday for a week? I would appreciate some help from anyone as I still don’t grasp the meal prep thing.

  6. Made this dish yesterday. A little time-consuming and lots of dirty dishes 😅 but was well worth it. The end result was delicious! Thank you for a great recipe!

  7. Looks amazing. Have had the chicken but never made so inspired as you make it look so easy!!
    I love the way you say cauliflower as califlower, it’s a Bobby thing.😁

  8. Where can I buy free range no antibiotic chicken. The closest grocery store to me is Walmart or publix and I usually get the Purdue brand but I'm not really sure how healthy that one is. 😅

  9. Why does literally everyone do this? 1:57 ''Drizzle over 1 teaspoon of avocado oil'' then proceeds to empty the entire freaking bottle. How big are you american's teaspoons man what the actual f…

  10. Hello Dessa and Bobby…
    My husband got me your cook book this past Xmas. (On my Xmas wishlist) and we have cooked several pages now. Fantastic book guys. Very happy with the simplicity of the book, how colorful it is, and so many great suggestions from you. We enjoy your channel. Your recipes and information are always a go to for Keto recipes and information.
    I did make this recipe a few weeks ago. Loved it! The flavors are different and it tasted delicious.
    Thanks so much for great content.

  11. That cauliflower rice is epic mind blowing stuff. DELICIOUS I made it with chicken wings in the air fryer. Damn those wings lol😂😂😂 I’m going back again for that cauliflower rice👍👍😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. This made me so happy. I watched the whole video because it was relaxing and sounded fun and delicious. I love the fact that you enjoy the cooking process so much.

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