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  1. Omg if i was u I wouldn’t eat that burger with the bun fr so much just to break it like nothing when i was on Keto i only cheat once a month 1 meal ONLY

  2. It also looks like a change of body position and lighting in the picture doesn't hurt either. I'm happy for anyone's weight loss, but I get frustrated when people change the pics in the thumbnails to make it look better. Takes something which is likely legit and makes it not-so-much so. Just hurts your credibility is all I'm saying.

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  8. I've done one week of keto so far (though the first 3 and a half days were fasting..) and I've lost 10 pounds! not sure how much of it is water, but people have definitely noticed! I went from 192 to 182, still a long way to go to get to 130ish though.

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