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Amanda Haney, RD talks about the science behind the ketogenic diet and also gives you her professional take on the keto weight loss craze. Read more here: Also visit to shop our team’s favorite nutritional products #introwellness #nutrition #diets #keto

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  1. i started this so called "Keto Diet" 2 weeks ago , i gave up my beloved bread, pizza sugars etc …the 1st week went more or less ok, although i was always hungry and my stomach rumbled all the time, i lost 4 kg (out of my 138kg) the second week in , i am still constantly hungry , i eat food i don't like , i cant sleep properly , spend lots of money for vitamins, supplements , almond flour etc and i haven't lost any more KG ?? I ordered some testing strips, which arrived yesterday and found out i am not even in ketosis ?? After all those sleepless nights , starvation etc ????? Eating all those unhealthy fatty stuff , feeling miserable all the time to lose 4kg in 2 weeks ?? NO THANKS! KETO IS NOT FOR ME

  2. My experience suggests that the ketogenic diet is over-hyped. A good diet ougt to be easy to adhere to and be healthy. Agoge diet is a great option, I lost a lot of belly fat.

  3. It is not possible to stick with the keto diet long term and stay healthy. I tried it, and it was awful. I recommend the Agoge diet though, because it's diverse and will help you lose fat without starving yourself.

  4. Keto should not be followed by healthy people, and there must be medical supervision. If you want to lose fat or cellulite then definitely try the *Agoge diet*, it worked wonders for me…

  5. I was told by my doctor not to adhere to the keto diet because it's risky. He said I should eat a diverse diet so I tried the Agoge diet and I'm starting noticing less belly fat really fast.

  6. Registered Dietitians need to update their knowledge. RDs practice of cutting calories does not work in the long term because it slows the metabolism and causes more eating disorders. I think RDs make their clients fail on purpose just to keep their clients. Shame on RDs, they don’t know anything about hormones which overpowers calories .

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