1. I have to be honest here… and I KNOW how it
    sounds. I find myself irritated at the thought how
    some people didn't give her the recognition that
    she's always deserved until she was featured on
    Midnights. Why? Because it just goes to show
    how talented artists are overlooked just because
    they aren't played on the radio. I am a HUGE TS
    fan, and I'm glad more people are finding LDR
    through TS… but they had to have known about
    LDR before her TS feature. It's like they didn't
    care until she became more mainstream. Same
    thing with "Don't Call Me Angel" fans.

  2. You’re a young $er1al к1ll3r, you’re cleaning the bl00d after your crime while drinking wine, you’re not happy about what you did but you dont feel remorse. You’re just empty. And this song if playing in the back.

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