Laptops with new levels of performance

On Wednesday, June 8, the MSI Insiders were joined by Jesse, from MSI! With him we discovered everything about the new …

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  1. So I reached out to the msi store and they told me no mux switch. No option for dgpu but this video says the Titan has it? I'm confused? That would be a deal breaker for me and my unit shipped today. I'm really confused… any info would be appreciated.

  2. Hello MSI! I just buy MSI GF63 thin. I have found there is no SD card port with hf63. I feel so disappointed. Please produce laptop that has SD card port because people now day like to take photos from cameras and it make easy to copy pictures or video. Thanks.

  3. Very poor support and devices randomly stops working, i bought msi gv627rd, used it for 6 months and it stopped working randomly, power indicator shows sign but won't turn on it's been laying with with for the last two years now, just as a showpiece 🥲

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