Liberal media has complete meltdown over Trump’s Twitter reinstatement: Jimmy Failla #shorts

‘The Big Sunday’ show panelists respond to several liberal media outlets expressing shock and outrage after Twitter reinstated…

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  1. They can't stand the thought that someone took their weapon away and could potentially use it against them. Also that if they now try to use it they will be fact checked and exposed for misinformation. But they still have mainstream media working for them…
    For now. We'll just have to wait and see how long that lasts.

  2. If trump says that he will not return to twitter, that means that he surely will. You only have to reverse whatever he says to arrive at the truth.

  3. Trumps is a threat yo the leftist. They had him silenced to prevent being exposed. Then they silenced anyone who supported him or who did t agree with them. They’ve denied the people the right to free speech by having the media ban everything except their version. Trump will expose them.

  4. we took their venue….it was a tool of the political left…now fair and equal representation endangers the lefts propaganda machine…they are gaslighting…accusing the right of the very thing they were doing.

  5. They still have to count the mail in Tweets. That’s gold.
    Hey Maxine, most Americans are disturbed every time they hear your voice.

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