Licensed C&P Examiner Interview Tips (2022)

This is the first installment of an ongoing series featuring Dr. Vonetes, a C&P mental health examiner. Let us know below if you want to see more! 0:00 Introduction 0:27 Who is Dr. Vonetes? What does he practice? 00:48 PTSD C&P exams. Mental Health C&P Exams. 1:25 How does the doctor define a C&P exam? 2:20 How our VA attorney defines a C&P exam 3:15 How does the doctor prepare for a C&P exam? 3:48 What information does the C&P examiner receive and review? 4:28 Do you prepare the DBQ in advance or in person with the veteran? 7:15 What percentage of veterans exaggerate or lie about their disability? 7:47 What can the C&P exam allow doctors to ask veterans? 8:54 How honest should veterans be about alcohol and drug use on a C&P exam? 10:10 Why are all mental illnesses judged by the same criteria for VA benefits? 11:20 What exactly does a C&P examiner look for? What does that mean for the veteran? 14:40 What is your interviewing style when doing a C&P survey? 16:45 What is suicidal ideation? Should I tell my C&P examiner? Have you had to act as a baker as a veteran? 20:57 How often do you see veterans with multiple mental illnesses? How do you handle? 21:31 Differentiating between symptoms and diagnosis for DBQ 24:12 Are there specific symptoms that make you lean towards certain diagnoses like PTSD? 26:30 Can C&P examiners switch DBQs if they diagnose a different condition? 28:18 What are the most common psychiatric diagnoses you see? 29:10 What’s your take on personality disorders and VA benefits? 30:26 Can a personality disorder be exacerbated by military service? 32:12 How often do you take C&P exams? 33:15 What happens if a veteran misses his C&P exam? 36:00 Do you ever see or hear from the veteran after the C&P examination? 36:32 Special Tips From a Compensation and Pension Examiner (C&P) Examiner 37:31 Words of Encouragement for Veterans Going to their First C&P Exam 38:37 Dr. Vonetes’ website and his work For a FREE case evaluation go here:
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  1. I am so stressed over this process. Nothing worse then having to talk about all the stuff you try to hide from everybody else.

  2. Why do y’all ask about my childhood or relationship I have or had with my parents and siblings ?

    I feel that the examiner is trying to pass the buck off and tie my symptoms to anything besides my service in the military.

  3. So if he is there to fill out a DBQ then why do I have a C&P when my private doctor has filled out a DBQ with more thorough information and was submitted with the claim, than a VA hired vendor doing the DBQ during a C&P which is more likely a waste of time and money?

  4. I have anxiety attacks when I think about the threat about my life and I just can’t get it out of my head and I am having headaches real bad , I want to drop my account with Tracjector Medical

  5. I was rescheduled for an exam in person after declining a video exam. When I arrived for the exam, the room was small and looked like it was not used much with furniture stacked up in one corner. The doctor had her computer on a small folding table similar to the old TV tables. She seemed to be in a hurry and her questions were completely from the DBQ with no interpersonal action. The whole exam lasted about 20 minutes. When we got in our car to leave, the doctor came out and got in her car before we even left the parking lot. VA denied the increase.

  6. About to start this journey. 5 years too long. Hoping I get a decent c&p examiner. I feel like this shouldn't be complicated but I hate dealing with medical people so much I've avoided it for years. Gives me huge anxiety just thinking about talking to people about it.

    Hoping I get this guy since I'll be going through Lake Nona. Wish me luck 🙏

  7. It is hard to talk about what I see.I am on an alert status all the time. I am always thinking of the quickest way to put a person down depending on the size of the person.

  8. Very informative I am a little more relax now I do have a C & P for PSTD coming up 27 year veteran , no joke sometimes I dont even know what day it is, I write everything down except going to the Bathroom that is the only way I can function.

  9. The psych said that I definitely have some combat ptsd issues at the end of my appointment and as far as my back, shoulder , hip and hand exams she told me not to push through any pain and I felt pathetic because I can barely move without feeling pain in any of those places so hopefully she doesn’t think i was faking because I guarantee if you record me 24/7 you will see how much I hurt and they are all in my records and I’ve been pushing through all of this stuff and quiet about it for many years until other vets told me to talk to a VSO when I was getting ready to retire so hopefully I don’t get screwed around

  10. I am a veteran that's 50% disabled (0% for allergic rhinitis) with a claim on now for sleep apnea and heart problems (high blood pressure, 2 heart attacks, 1 stent, open heart surgery with CABGX4) all secondary to allergic rhinitis. Since my open heart surgery I have had real problems sleeping. This video has given me hope for some more avenues for VA compensation.

  11. Dr. Vonetes is AMAZING I met with him on Thursday and felt great after talking with him for an hour. He allowed my wife to join in and is engaging and helps put you at ease to talk about your issues. I also Allison Reddick is the only person I would want to do my claim if it comes to litigation with the VA. Thanks for a wonderfully insightful video!!

  12. I had a c&p exam for ptsd the out side examiner diagnosed me with ptsd the examiner agreed with my doctor I had 2 in service stressors 2 signed statements that witnessed the events now the va says they cant find any records that the events happened the va is giving me a hard time because they cant prove the stressors what can I do I have good evidence

  13. Wow! One of the most informative and accurate advice I've seen online. Thanks! If I'd had this advice a few years ago, the process would have been far less painful. Never be afraid to say I don't have a clue what I'm doing, please help.

  14. I struggle so hard with talking during stress. i can't make myself talk. I have had a time while in the army being reprimanded for something i didn't do, that i ended up crushing my ID card behind my back which further got me another counciling, but I couldn't say anything, I can't talk in those situations, I couldn't talk to defend myself while getting an article 15 for not physically being able to stand due to back pain…. which got me 14 days extra duty where I had to take down about 6 ft of depth and 100 ft of length of bushes from a tree line using a dull scyth….. yeah was great and totally hasnt contributed to my mental health issues or back issues.
    now im trying to write everything in a note on my phone for these appointments. But man it's still hard for me to play things up to their actual extent during these interviews because I really have trained myself to bury it as much as i can because of my ego. I don't like peopel walking on egg shells because of my pain because I don't want to appear to be a 6'4 bitch…..

  15. This is the first time I'm hearing any of this information. I have a C&P phone interview on Monday. (5 days from today). I've had a claim in for 5 months, second claim and the first one was denied from confusion from the questions they were asking me. Listening to this video, sounds like this one is getting cancelled too. I was a Navy FMF corpsman, post Vietnam but pre-9/11. A lot of deployments, ODS/S and ran my own medical dept at the end. (I wasn't allowed to reenlist with 10 months left before my 20 years was up so i never got my pension.) What I'm hearing is to get some notes ready for this interview (was never told about a "C&P" -associated anything.) Only told to "shut up and wait for a decision" You don't want to irritate the lawyer. Just flagrant stupidity. It never occurred to me the symptom profiles described here. I've had anger issues forever. So my resume is like 4 pages long. I'm still in the EMS field and have a clinical expertise that keeps me away from nearly all of the "street stress", but I'm due to retire "soon". A successful decision seems necessary to keep me from working until my time comes. I wouldn't be lying if I said the doctor's experience closely describe me. Guess I need to get ready for Monday.

  16. PTSD and Major depression disorder are all wrapped up into 1 rating and the c and p examiner won’t separate it into 2 dispite a shrink separating it what do I do

  17. Damn Dr V I thought I was a clinical beast. I am assigning my supervisees to watch video's as you explain this clinical info simple and tht is awesome. I probably still take your money. LOLOL

  18. Thank you for a Very informative video.. if only the VA from VSO to VBA to VHA were so informative, helpful and resourceful. Ive been putting off filing for anxiety, mdd and who knows what because the VA doesnt seem to understand how stressful and hard this is for us. Thanx Though

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