Lionel Messi: Every touch in Argentina's 2022 FIFA World Cup semifinal victory over Croatia


See every time Argentina’s Lionel Messi touched the ball in the 2022 World Cup semi-final against Croatia. #FOXFootball …

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  1. Regardless of the outcome Sunday tears will be shed. He's an Icon, an inspiration. Bigger than the game itself. We have all been so lucky.

  2. side of her to their advantage. I couldnt speak up for myself until my people who i thought were my friends repeatedly disrespected me.

  3. That first goal where the goalie got a card was a bs call. Saying he stopped the player from scoring. So what’s the goalie supposed to do stand there and let him just walk up and shoot it? It was a 50/50 Messi got the touch but even after that first touch around the goalie he wouldn’t have been able to keep it in bounds and play the ball again. So he didn’t interfere really at all i think it’s bs their praising some guy who’s not even good

  4. I think with all the regulations at FIFA, I still can’t believed how Argentina did to included Messi as one of their players when we all know he is from another galaxy

  5. Like other greats of ball control–Zidane, Iniesta, just to speak of recent years–it's Messi's first touch that is equal to the rest of his genius characteristics. Whether given time or a lighting second decision, that first touch is always perfect. The man is always aware of his positioning vis-a-vis defenders, his teammates, and the goal and he knows intuitively where to lay it off in a fraction of a second. Growing up in the Barca system, which places a high value on this skill, couldn't have hurt!

  6. Messi is the best athlete in the world because he gets in God's Zone–his fullness–and shares that feeling with us, in the way that Michael Jordan did; and his presence is that of a General (he'd stand the line!); and because he is of God while at play (I know not how he is in the rest of his human action) he has no ego and never pans for the camera the way Mbasse does. What other athlete comes bearing all of these heavenly gifts and makes us feel God in all the details–the rest of his team–so? Yes, his team rises to their highest level because of him . . . .

  7. France should know that Messi has at least 1 penalty and 2 free kicks per match granted freely by the referee. So, Sunday is France VS Argentina ( + 2 penalties for Messi)
    Francia debe saber que Messi tiene al menos 1 penalti y 2 tiros libres por partido otorgados libremente por el árbitro. Entonces, domingo es Francia VS Argentina (+ 2 penales para Messi)

  8. Even the highlights do not show the GOAL from the best player of the game Julian Alvarez (not Messi). This World Cup is 100% set up for Messi to win it… disgusting… it is all a prepared show. I was in the WC and it is the most FAKE cup in all history,,, everything is fake: the stadiums look great in the outside but a Costco in the inside, the organization is TERRIBLE, the FANS ARE FAKE! 5% are real fans and 95% are PAID Arabs to wear and waive other nationalities … I could not wait to get out of there…

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