Liverpool's next owners are most likely going to be American and this is why | MATT SLATER

Matt Slater sits down with Joe Molloy to explain where Liverpool are in their sales cycle and why John Henry might want to move on. Have you downloaded the OTB app? – Search for OTB Sports in the Google Play Store:… – Search for OTB Sports in the app store if you are on iOs:… SUBSCRIBE to the Off The Ball Channels:- YOUTUBE |… – TWITTER |… – INSTAGRAM |… – FACEBOOK |… – WEBSITE |… – We are live 24/7 on the OTB SPORTS app – or if you don’t have the app on your desktop:… PODCAST the show too – we’ll timestamp it for you too – iTunes: Search for OTB AM in your app! – Spotify: Search for OTB AM in your app! – We’re everywhere you get your podcast CONTACT OFF THE BALL – WhatsApp: Contact us at 0879180180 – Snapchat: Add us and message us to the show @offtheball1 – Twitter: Follow and tweet us @offtheball and @ offtheballam

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  1. No more American owners please they are tight wads and its hurting our ambitions as a club we need serious owners like those in the middle East willing to invest in the team and squad thats cold hard facts

  2. POLL A OR B
    A, American owners , keep klopp, bought on debt and yearly net spend 25 – 50m.
    B, oil money, no klopp debt free and 100 – 200m yearly net spend.

  3. Loans never get mentioned loans for stands and axa training centre which liverpool are paying back with interest to fsg all these things make more money when fsg sell like now business men making money on there asset, Liverpool seem like they want more American owners which means not being competitive with city , Liverpool fans obviously don't no there history on axa and Nike pick and choose morals lol Americans have bombed killed massacred many innocents but yet they are ok

  4. Buying Liverpool is a no brainer. Just look at the return on investment that FSG and the Glazers are getting. Liverpool are the Boston Red Sox/Celtics/Patriots of English Football and always will be. They're the most obvious investment imaginable it's just a matter of whether you have the money to put them outright or not.

  5. I just don’t understand this as it’s pretty well known that American owners don’t use their own money to buy players & invest. Hence the fact it doesn’t matter if Liverpool or anyone else competes with Man City then can’t sustain it because American owners will not put their hand in their pockets to invest in the team.

  6. They'll sell to the highest bidder, they don't give a 💩 about anything but 💸💸💸

    They never have.

    Also they have never paid a penny of their own money on the stadium or anything else, that is debt they've dumped onto the club itself.

  7. Give me dubai shaikh I don't care I want oil money like city love it he's buying it u heard it from me first dubai shaikh liverpool fan is buying it he's first in line

  8. What a bunch of bigots are western ppl .. thier problem not with human rights or other crap .. thier problem is Arabs and Arab owners.. when an american buys a club you have no issues.. like america did nothing wrong in human rights… oooh nooo

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