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  1. I have a few questions how do you build iron. I do not want to take prescriptions or supplements.
    I believe he said a lil honey everyday will do the job, but being pre diabetic; so I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t
    But I see in the comments people speaking on rice; did he say not to eat rice ?

  2. nameste 🙏 he right ,but 5hour before our sleep ut must better ,because for our brain , i known it hard in the beginning but nothing is impossible ,that will have a huge improvement in your skin ,system digestifs ,and maintenant a healthy weight , nothing make you gain weight its just the way you eat and what kinds of thoughts you can when eating 😁 ,our system organs needed rest sometimes ,they're yelling gave me a break even one days break ,😂.how when you're sad mood off ,or heart break you don't eat 😂 .non just be happy and make your organ guts system digestif happy and your brain happy see life will wonderful 😇 nameste to all beautiful souls ,take cares ❤️🙏

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    Eg collude spirituality and science
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    You and the many fsyhom

  4. I tried to do it but because I suffer from hypothyroidism its hard to get the energy I need to function a 12 hour shift, and can't even lose a gram. I'll try the honey and warm water in the morning and see what happens. Thank you!

  5. I eat 2 meals a day. Due to this, I suffered iron deficiency anaemia for I was not eating enough iron.
    My hb was 7. I had a bad pica towards raw rice for 10 years. I didn't know the cause until I tested my hb level. I collected it with drugs and now I feel like the strongest human being in the world.
    I still eat 2 meals but ensure they are balanced
    I also start my day with a cup of water with a tea spoon of unprocessed honey and do some good cardio in the morning.
    Am living my best life.

  6. Sir you’ve said it all…that’s exactly what I have been facing all these while.
    Digestive issues and my brain keeps messing around with me like am becoming less intelligent.
    I kept forgetting stuffs even names of people that comes to mind.
    And my HB level is low I keep having anaemia

  7. I did this all my life I’ll be 30 soon I look 21 still 😅 all my friends and sisters that are 1-8 years younger look older than me they eat too much meat and bread

  8. For maintaining the overall of females, one can use Shatavari capsules from planet Ayurveda which is the best nourishing herb and is full of antioxidants.

  9. actually he's right.. when I eat more rice etc not junk food only ghar ka khana full pet 3 times I get more n more acne. but when I eat less khana half pet then My pimples goes away n my energy is same overall n my skin glows

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