1. Still not quite .500 for the Bucs, but close I guess. Tom is learning that while a team built around higher priced talents can win titles, it also correspondingly can have huge dips. All those years with the Patriots system he got spoiled to the idea of always having good solid talent that guarantees a winning record and puts you in a position to at least compete in the playoffs. He didn't have to deal with those lean years when injuries, poor chemistry, primadonnas, skewed salaries restricting talent acquisition etc…kept a team in the bottom of the standings. Now he's having a lean year with the Bucs after a SB and a very good season, they may be able to turn it around but more likely the Bucs will end up with a mediocre season.

  2. To be honest—I’m not a football fan. That said, Brady passing 57 miles, 69 4th quarter comeback games, and still going strong at 45 years is beyond words. I hope Tampa wins in Munich and Brady rebounds well in his personal life.

  3. The rams coulda ran the ball out at 2 seconds if they was thinking,he had the chance to run out of bounds on that crazy play they did , sheesh that extra play coulda did something wild ,great game

  4. Brady showing how to get a pass play done at the 1 yard line with the game on the line looks like. I swear if that pass play got picked, there would be so much memes about that.

  5. …2 games in a row; deep in their own territory, the lambs insiston running. No first down again, leaving the Tampa Bay bradys time to score. Who is this lame running the offense?!

  6. Have you ever realized?!:
    If instead of been a footbal player, Braddy were a some sorte of cardio emergency doctor… Do you know what I mean?! That tipe of Guy the hospital would call for help and bê like: "well doctor Brady, ALL we have is 4 minutes… Is there anything you can do?!
    And he'd be like: "well I'll be to the emergency Room in less than 3 minutes. I'll save this life!"


  7. Congratulations Los Angeles Brady didn't have to go out and win the game you literally gave it to him by playing a prevent style defense you made it easy for him. I don't understand why you wait till the last drive to quit playing defense I bet you'll learn your lesson that it prevent style defense prevents you from winning

  8. Brady gone let you get catches after you f up a play but go right back to his favorite receiver to get that dub show you a lesson. TB coming back🤧

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