Lose Weight with Ketogenic Diet | Ketogenic Diet Explained | Keto Diet Meal Plan


Ketogenic Diet Explained | Keto Diet Meal Plan | Keto Diet | Ketogenic Diet | lose weight fast | Lose weight fast with Keto…

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  1. What to do to maintain the weight after keto diet? Should i move to any regular diet with more carbs and less fat or which diet should i follow?

  2. Atlast search for Keto is completed here. No complications. Vicky I go to gym and I'm 88 kgs want to reduce 13 kgs. How to plan a proper keto diet please advice. Do you have any chart

  3. I suffered hypoglucimia last year.. will it be safe for me to follow keto or it may create the same problem again to me due to the lack of insulin.. I am not diabetic nor thyroid

  4. 3months I losed 14kg simply eating I was 94kg in 16thsep 2019.it was my wedding anniversary I hubby refused to take pic with me .avoided to take pic I was literally started crying just moved from tht place then decided to cutout my weight just searched for which I can't replace my Non veg and dairy god's grace I got Ur video just listened and started next day journey was so happy bcz it's my diet I love Keto faced so much issues now the day Jan 29 came out My Result is adorable lost 16kg now am in 78kg looks very pretty I love u Vicky sissy I love myself it's all bcz of Ur motivational and easy way of healthy weightloss tnku so much now my hubby loves me to take selfies everyday

  5. I planned a diet for this December but I was confused what to follow…now m so happy for motivated by this video I vil definitely follow this diet n updated u after 30days insha'Allah….

  6. Hi Vicky m your big big fan. I follow your ll videos. I am starting this keto diet from tomorrow. I m 79 kgs . So please dvice how much protein nd carb ration should I include in my daily diet and yes fat portions lso. So that I can follow this in a correct manner. Looking forward for a response

  7. Hi Vicky,
    I wanna share my husband's weight loss
    He started at 100kgs now he is 87kgs
    He lost 13kgs 😃😃😃😍😍😍
    Thank you versatile Vicky for your diet plans

  8. Nice videos on weight loss u make….. Can u plz suggest on reducing weight of a person who is hypothyroid, diabetic, high BP, having varicose veins ,and is 50 years old….. With present weight of 80kg.


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