Mangaluru Blast Accused Inspired By ISIS, Explosives Found At Home: Cops

Mangaluru, Karnataka:

The man accused in the Mangaluru autorickshaw blast was “inspired by the ISIS terror group” and used the dark web to communicate with his handlers, police said today, claiming a major breakthrough in the case. Karnataka top cop Alok Kumar said Sharik worked under multiple handlers, one of them Al Hind, a terrorist outfit influenced by ISIS.

The accused made bombs at home and even conducted a “trial blast” on the bank of a river, the police officer added.

“Shariq’s immediate handler was Arafat Ali, accused in two cases. He was in touch with Musavir Hussain, accused in Al-Hind module case. Abdul Mateen Taha was one of the main handlers of Sharik. There were 2-3 other handlers. Worked with Sharik but they are yet to be identified. Couldn’t be done,” said Mr. Kumar.

So far, police have searched five locations across Karnataka, including his house in Mysuru where bomb-making materials were seized, he said.

“Sharik was driven by ISIS ideology and made bombs in his house. On September 19, Sharik along with two other accomplices carried out a trial blast in a forest on the banks of a river in Shivmoga,” the police officer said.

Police arrested two of his accomplices the next day but Shareek managed to escape and rented a house in Mysuru with the stolen Aadhaar card and continued making bombs, police added.

“We have formed five separate teams and they are working on it. Four locations in Thirthahalli town of Shivamogga district and one location in Mangaluru city were searched this morning. Two locations were searched yesterday. So, we have searched seven locations and seized some. electronic devices,” said the senior police officer.

A man was arrested in Coimbatore for allegedly having an affair with his partner. Tamil Nadu police sources told NDTV that the man was staying with a partner in a dormitory and had also given him his Aadhaar card to get a SIM card.

“We investigated him and verified under what circumstances he was with him. He seems to be innocent. We have shared the information with Mangaluru police,” an investigating officer told NDTV.

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