Marcus Mariota Is The Guy For The Atlanta Falcons, Right Now |A to Z With Mark Zinno| 11/15/22 FULL

Arthur Smith has made it abundantly clear that he is not changing quarterbacks. At least not now. He has also made it clear that he would if it was as simple as changing one player to win games. Smith is a good coach and he is well aware of Marcus Mariota’s limitations, but he is also aware of Desmond Ridder’s limitations and that is part of it. Then the Atlanta Hawks got a good win last night in Milwaukee and DeAndre Hunter was the leading scorer. This makes me think Hunter is an important part of taking the Hawks to the next level. Finally, the College Football Playoff Committee will release their latest rankings tonight and all signs point to no major changes coming. Mark Zinno also handed out a Shovel of Wisdom. #atlantafalcons #falcons #atlanta #riseup #atlantahawks #collegefootballplayoff You can find and follow Locked On Sports Atlanta on your favorite podcast platforms: Apple:

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  1. Hey Zinno…if "Ridder will happen" after the Falcons have been mathematically eliminated…does that mean magically the center will learn how to snap? Will the O-line magically figure out how to block? If not, and presumably the answer is no…then WAITING to put Ridder in makes no sense. If he's going to deal with the SAME deficiencies as Mariotta, then there's ZERO benefit to waiting.

    Even if the Falcons somehow bumblefoot their way into the playoffs, there's ZERO CHANCE of advancing. Mark my words (pun intended) Marcus is going to continue to play terrible football and leave Arthur Smith mad and standing at the podium with egg on his face until he LOSES the locker room. There's no way Pitts is happy. London either. Maybe Pitts will call Shannon Sharpe live on air next time…

  2. Mariota has to play better as a supporter of his. He needs to play how he did for the Titans his 2nd szn. His pocket passing was great in 2016 he needs to be comfortable.

  3. If you look any successful offense . The coach builds the offense and play calling around the QB. AS did better w MM than the Titans did but just because it’s better doesn’t mean he’s maximizing MM and Pitts and London. You can’t blame Mariota for lack of targets when the ball snapped low and by the time he’s set his feet the Dline already in the back field.

  4. What Ridder will bring is the same damn thing Mariota brings is a running QB, that can hand the ball off; however, Smith is full of crap Marcus can only hand the ball off he is absolutely not an accurate passer on the move—that’s why we needed a running QB to protect the deficiencies of the offensive line. We are out of it if he does t play this kid in meaningful games. Example of this is our defensive secondary injured and if Coach Pees hand not played most of those players when we were playing like crap on defense —they sparked the offense — now it’s the offense turn to give our defense that same spark.

  5. If we know Ridders ceiling already, and it’s as high as Nick Mullens, they should come out and say that and the narrative will stop. Then everyone will migrate to the get a QB in the 1st round conversation

  6. Curious about where this certainty about Ridders ceiling is coming from. Especially with all the NFL games he has played in. Mariotas ceiling has 8 years of data and Ridder has no real game data…at all. You don’t know anything until it actually happens

  7. Are u getting paid by falcons sir. Just asking for a friend. My god. U lave lost all credibility. Marcus has no business being a qb in NFL. And your boy. coach smith bout to be fired. In year.

  8. Safe to say people made their mind barley beating the panthers where we should be 4 straight losses at 3-7. Nobody is saying “start Ridder for the Tank.” We are saying start Ridder because Mariota is missing throws and failing to read the defense, weather it’s the line and or QB. Fact of the matter is that your not changing a thing with Ridder. Run heavy, one read short passes. We have seen Mariota do better on shorter passes and for some reason we still go deep when it is blatantly obvious that Mariota dosent have the accuracy. And I don’t mean dumping it to Tyler Allgeier to get negative yards and pat your completion percentage.

  9. you know why we saying start ridder we just lost to the second sorriest team in the league and the way he play just out right embarassing can you blame us cmon tf on

  10. Not letting it go. We all have eyes Mark. I know Arthur does the buddy buddy stuff to smooth out the media, that's also his job.

  11. how are we going to find out what we have in ridder without throwing him out there now and how is he ever going to learn if we dont throw him out there now as far as the Offensive line is concerned …you make a good valid point thetr

  12. Marcus Mariota needs to stop staring his recievers down. If the Falcons lose to Chicago , Authur Smith sentiments about Mariota is out the window. The heat will be on to start Ridder.

  13. It's delusional to think this is genuinely a playoff team.
    I'm cool with tanking with MM this year. Sounds like someone has gotten pretty cool with AS. 🙄

  14. Mariota doesn’t have grasps on protections or play adjustments. He mentions every presser that he needs to get the team in the right plays

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