Marcus Mariota & the Falcons really be the black cats of the NFC South – Stephen A. Smith weight

Marcus Mariota & the Falcons are truly the black cats of the NFC South – Stephen A. Smith weight #nfl

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  1. I'm sorry Clark and Irving but y'all wrong on that to take Brady's old ass arm into the playoffs versus Atlanta's running game you would lose all day with Brady who does he even have to throw to Mike everything got the speed to beat nobody I'm a lifetime fan of Julio Jones but he ain't staying healthy to beat nobody Chris Godwin doesn't even look like he did last year you ain't got Gronk the defense sucks and they the worst running games in the league bucs are don't Carolina probably end with a better record

  2. Uh, the Fucs won that SB a couple of years ago IN SPITE of Brady! Dude threw 3 pick 6's in the NFC Championship game ON THE ROAD in GB. Brady only had to throw for 200 yds to get 3 TDs, once they got to the SB. Why??? Because of the DEFENSE. The TB defense saved Brady in GB, and gave him a short field all day long in the SB.

    I think the Fucs defense should be seriously offended that Brady gets credit for their SB. But, at least they are now blaming the Fucs woes on Brady. Funny how he struggles, like every other QB that ever played this game, with an OL that can't protect him and a shitty defense…

  3. The difference in the calls is the Jarrett call took away any chance of the Falcons getting the ball back.. after the Carolina call they still had 2 chances to win it and the kicker missed both!

  4. Hold up but they said Atlanta would only win 2games? 1st in nfc south rise ⬆️ quit 💤 on my team. Not crybaby Brady or 🦀 Winston & thanks dj Moore& Carolina kicker.

  5. The two black guys are(or wanna) riding Tommy’s nuts. Ain’t that kinda strange? 😄

    That said- Mike and the other black guy have some type of hate for TT1 and MM1.

    Hawaiian quarterbacks represent… peace ✌️

  6. The Carolina game would never get to OT if not for the ref not calling a obvious pass interference call with 1:25 left on the clock. That call would’ve sealed the game and Moore would’ve never even got the chance to get back on the field.

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