Mediterranean Style Keto Diet – What to Eat | What to Avoid


The Mediterranean diet is billed as a heart-healthy diet. A keto diet is effective for weight loss. Marry the two methods, and you…

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  1. I love low carb I am diabetic and have lost 16kg so far. Struggling to lose those last 10kg. My cholesterol is horrible. I need to take statins but they really they don't agree with me. Won't I have heart attack with keto

  2. The smell of seafood makes me ill. Is it possible to do Mediterranean keto on a diet that doesn't include anything from the sea or filters oxygen from water?

  3. This was so very helpful. In my efforts to get healthier I was really confused about which path to take with my diet. This helped so much! Thank you Dr. Gillaspy❣

  4. Hi, Dr Becky. great video. I have your intermittent fasting book and the recipes in there are some of my absolute favorites. I think you are a true master with salads. I would absolutely love if you made a cookbook that was Keto Mediterranean diet, or at least a low carb Mediterranean diet. If you do have a collection of recipes that work with this diet direction could you please provide a link? Thank you!

  5. Would love some advice from your followers. Dr Becky mentioned peanuts ( legume) in foods to avoid. I have been eating peanuts ( 1/4 cup) and peanut butter on Keto. Is peanut butter not considered “keto friendly” ?

  6. Hi I’ll be under general anesthesia in a month and it will be 3 to 4 hour surgery.
    I’ve been doing ketogenic diet and 16-8 intermittent fasting for a few months and I’m expecting relatively fast recovery after surgery due to a low inflammatory level but at the same time I’m worrying to go under long general anesthesia.
    I can’t find anything specific information about ketosis and long anesthesia. So could you let me know if there’s any relation between them?
    I’m sure I’d be out of ketosis after surgery and that I don’t mind but worrying that It would be difficult to get into anesthesia or out of anesthesia. Has Kieth had no problem with anesthesia?
    I need your experienced advice. Thank you for your kindness 🙂

  7. Dr Becky, I would love it if you could address the issue of increased LDL levels when doing low carb/keto. My doctor is getting agitated by my increased level. I’ve read/heard it’s not necessarily an issue but I trust your opinion and would be interested to hear it.🙏🏻

  8. This looks so yummy! What I like best about it is it is all natural real foods. Hands down this is what we all need to be eating whatever combination it is. And stop eating processed crap. I recently gave up diet soda, and it has made a huge difference. I’m learning to incorporate more fatty fish into my diet, and found out, I like sardines. Who knew???

    I wish I could adopt it. ( I have loved, pretty much all veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit) but I have found now after 3 years of clean keto (mostly animal based diet) when I eat foods high in oxalates my joint pain flares up something fierce. I still eat some veggies 🥗 🥦 and a occasionally a few strawberries. These are things that I need to limit at this time. Hopefully someday I will figure out how to eat them and not get issues.

  9. I started Mediterranean keto diet last year without even ever hearing about it.I wanted to eat more healthy.Then I heard Don Colbert talking about it on you tube and now here.All the seeds mentioned here I turn it into crackers.I grind it first and then when I have it I spread it with marmite and thin layer of butter.Yum. Good this popped up too.Thanks

  10. Very informative and as always, well explained. Keto/Med is definitely something I've considered. The other combination I'm mulling over is Keto/Paleo. Would love to see you touch on that topic in the future for others who may be looking at that option. Thanks for the video 🙂

  11. From this video information, I can deduce that I am already following this diet combination closely. I have never been a big meat eater, but I eat plenty of veggies, and fish at least twice a week, and I have been avoiding some fruits like bananas. I do not drink milk, but I like a little yogurt, sour cream, and a dash of whipping cream in my coffee. I started adding small amounts of legumes back (mainly beans) because they help to keep me regular but eat them no more than twice a week. I am having trouble keeping my weight stable, so I figure I have to eat a little extra fat than I would normally. Otherwise, I am close enough.

  12. I followed a Mediterranean, primarily Greek and Italian, Diet in the past. When I developed Type II DM a few years ago, I switched to a Keto Diet and have controlled my Diabetes without medications. Without intending to, I have combined the Mediterranean and Keto Diets, sort of. Using Intermittent Fasting has helped maintain control of the Diabetes, but has kept me from totally following the Mediterranean part of the diet. Fortunately, I have made it work for me where I can remain Keto and still get many of the healthy oils, fruits and vegetables that make the Mediterranean diet so beneficial.

  13. I was on a strict Keto diet and lost 40 pounds in 5 months. I then began to eat bread pasta, potatoes, sugar, and other non keto food items. I gained 20 pounds back in 6 months. I don't feel good now and have to go back to keto to lose the extra weight, and start feeling well again.

  14. Thank you Dr Becky for your helpful and informative video and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us! You are always the voice of reason, practical tips and encouragement. God bless you ❤️🙏

  15. My favorite choice but being a retired widow on low income makes this nearly impossible. I can barely afford cheap ground beef now with inflation beating me up, fish 4x a week? Is this a ‘let them eat cake’ time of my life?

  16. Dr. Becky thank you so much for the video! I have purchased your book and I am currently doing intermittent fasting. Would you do a program 21 days using the Mediterranean Keto diet? I have 30 lbs to loose and I am in my 50's.

  17. I’ve just recently tried this. Indeed it is good and very tasty too. A GREAT video, thank you 😃 Dr Becky! Hello & well wishes to you and all your family 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️from Canada

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