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About 30 meteor showers can be seen from Earth throughout the year. Learn the science behind meteor showers, the dates when…

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  1. In Quran Allah says in (Surah al-Mulk)

    5. “And We have beautified the lower heaven with lanterns, and We made them missiles against the devils(stoning), and We have prepared for them the suffering of the Blaze.”

    Meteors were mentioned in Quran as a stone for stoning the Devil.

    And another thing was mentioned in(Al-Rahman)
    “(0 genera of Jinns(devils) and mankind, If you are able to penetrate beyond the realms of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate. You cannot penetrate except with an authority….55:33).

    So this means that our sky is protected by missiles to prevent evil and mankind to escape from earth and the sky was also mentioned in the Quran as the “Guarded overheads” aka the atmosphere envelope that protect earth from the heat waves of the sun.

    Notice: the nearest heaven is our sky and space according to the other verses of the Quran

    So anyone still believing that Nasa landed on the Moon is completely wrong only their space ships can go.

  2. Somewhere between the Dakotas and Minnesota I got to see the most stars and the clearest night sky, it was full of purple colors, the milky way, dancing stars that looked like they were falling down so amazing

  3. 50 tons of space debris crash on the Earth every day? What a bunch of “scientific” baloney. This nugget of info was concocted by a researcher at some point in order to ensure that he — statistically it was a he — and his fellow researchers could continue to apply for millions of research dollars ad infinitum. If you do the math and check the world’s maps and newspaper archives, unless this debris is all of it falling in the middle of the Gobi Desert, it’s simply an imaginary number. Shame on National Geo et al. for continuing to promulgate this myth.

  4. Well it looks beautiful, but isn’t it actually terrifying? 🤔 since it collapses on earth with a massive speed, it means that it also damages other people’s property right?

  5. I saw my first shooting star a few weeks ago. I was with this girl I go to college with out in the country side just looking at the stars. I saw a small one and freaked out. She didn’t believe me. Then literally 30 seconds later we saw a super bright one and both looked at eachother and just stared in ahhh. It was amazing

  6. Whenever meteor shower happens ,
    Doesn't it destroys our satellites, space stations , ??
    How vulnerable our orbital vehicles are whenever meteor shower happens ?

  7. Therefore, I swear by the place of the stars and their places of rising and setting.
    And indeed that is a great oath, if you but know.
    (Qur'an 56 : 75/76)

  8. And indeed, We adorned the lowest heaven with ˹stars like˺ lamps, and made them ˹as missiles˺ for stoning ˹eavesdropping˺ devils, for whom We have also prepared the torment of the Blaze Quran 67:5

    And We have placed within the heaven great stars and have beautified it for the observers.

    and have protected them from every outcast

    but the one who tries to eavesdrop is chased by a clearly visible flame Quran 15:16-18

  9. Meteor showers 102: Let's not conflate standard aircraft traffic patterns with meteor showers, the later of which originate from radiant points as opposed to air traffic, which is guided from VOR and other navigation beacons. Do better, Nat Geo. Please.

  10. one night I was randomly staring at the sky full of stars when one star caught my attention its moving so I thought maybe it's a plane cause it moving straight but then it glicth to rigth and left. I still wonder what it is.

  11. whenever I'm having a hardtime I always go to the window in our 2nd floor to breath and organize my thoughts, and appreciate the beauty of our universe, rant to the stars as if they're gonna hear me. I did that 3 nights in a row and I dunno but I always see one or 2 shooting star and made me so happy. I still wish tho I do not fully believe on it. Just incase. hahah

  12. Shooting stars are part of the gods? No such thing as god. I'm shocked that natgeo would even mention this disgusting lie. It's not the false history channel over here is it.

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