1. Is the preliminary accident report been filed yet? Hopefully the helicopter maintenance records are being examined early, especially if there was any criminal activity found that may have caused this flight to end in this tragedy by its maintenance team. Since he was flying others before this flight, it is odd that whatever happened did happen when he took another passenger with him after dropping off his previous passenger. Where did he fly from … was it the airport or where the helicopter is stored overnight … was it left unattended between the last flight to the fatal flight that lifted off and then crashed? The mystery of this crash heightens when it is considered that the helicopter was just flying someone before this weatherman got aboard. Hopefully no one is allowed to touch the crash scene so investigators trained in first response investigation can examine if any cyber activity took place such as a device that turned off the computerized programs when it reached a certain height or one that had a remote-controlled device placed in or on the helicopter that then was triggered to bring it down. Important thing to this tragedy is that investigators who know helicopters well examine the crash before it is lifted and removed from where it landed, as such devices can be very small and undetected, and possibly could still be managed remotely by someone and detached from where it was attached and then never detected where it falls. Just looking at the dynamics of such a crash as time is of the essence if it is a criminal act upon the pilot or passenger, as well as the network that owned the helicopter, or if it was leased, upon the lessor. Something happened and the how needs to be found sooner than later for all concerned at this network and its employees.

  2. It will be at least a year before the NTSB releases their findings on the crash……I suspect the families of the two victims will likely file wrongful death lawsuits against Robinson Choppers, the manufacturer. The Robinson-44 helicopter has been a well-documented death trap over the past 40 years. It leads the list of most fatal accidents out of any commercial helicopter for every 100,000 flight hours.

  3. Prayers going up for those mourning the lost of these two gentleman. Even though Jason and I never met face to face he was in my living room many times on television. He was very good at what he did and his passion for delivering the weather came through as genuine. Chip, you are a hero. I believe both of you are sitting at the right hand of God tonight.

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