Mint Mobile Review: Here's The Catch

The difference with Mint Mobile is in the data. eSims Explained!

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  1. Crowded place? 😂😂😂 Not all of us live in cities. I don't think there's enough people here in the countryside to make it throttle

  2. WTF? Can't stream Netflix? What about YouTube? My son and I watch our phones for everything. Maybe I'll be staying with Verizon

  3. mints 5g is great. after the hurricane i could still make calls and the internet was iffy for a couple hours. but after that the 5g was amazing. it was the only think i had for days to contact people and use the internet. they gave away 100.00 of free internet. i used it as a hot spot to use my desk top computer. other people with 5g did not work well but mints was a1 amazing.

  4. Isn't anyone else concerned about the mysterious use of gigabytes? I mean it sounds like something fraudulent is happening. Why are they shifting consumption rates to a user who isn't consuming? I'd want to know that.

  5. This happened to me while on vacation. The issue was all of those app’s updating their data while on cellular data.

    IOS updates, don’t automatically force the apps to update until you open them. Many of those apps, I only use off wi-if. So their was a huge data hit. Even the podcasts I listen to were consuming Gigabytes.

    So – if you are moving from unlimited to a limited data plan, you MUST turn off cellular updates/use on all of your apps individually and meter their use as needed.

  6. As a business owner of 16 years —I am 1000% dependent on my phone working!! I switched to mint mobile 3 years ago. I am embarrassed I pre-judged mint mobiles low prices nearly a year before making the switch. I can’t imagine paying what others pay for their cell phone. P.S. I watch Netflix on my mint mobile plan 😂

  7. I just switched to MM last week & do NOT recommend it. Here's why…
    1). Poor customer service
    2). Slow data speeds even in metro areas (due to deprioritizion)
    3). Not worth it to save if just a few bucks per month
    4). Cricket hands-down was better overall. I messed up porting my number over 🙁

  8. Sounds like your data issue is a MAJOR PROBLEM.
    It was definitely NOT you.
    Almost sounds like a SCAM to get you to buy more data.

  9. My biggest issue is it throws my budget off having to pay for 3 months up front. I liked the idea of VISIBLE but they are 100%chat supported and I was nervous. I signed up for them bc I had been on verizon (the coverage is better where I live), I was concerned about the chat thing but realized I hadn't called Verizon in YEARS…well when I tried to sign up it was a nightmare-no e sim (I had an Apple X at the time) I was on the chat for 3 hours (after waiting for an hour), no one could fix the problem. Finally I ended up on Mint out of desperation-I am a shrink and when I attempted to sign up for VISIBLe I had NO phone service for 2 days. So I ate the $30 I gave to Visible and off to mint I crawled.

    I am ALWAYS at home -100% on wifi. I did have to have a medical procedure, but was on the hospital's wifi while I was there. Two weeks in I checked my data-according to Mint I had used 3.8 gb! I couldn't figure it out! I am always connected to wifi at home -if in the car the only thing I use is iTunes (songs which are already downloaded to my phone!).
    I bumped to the unlimited program (I just had to add $39) so I didn't have to worry and could just do further reserach without worrying.

    Did you ever sort out how you used so much data? Did you do any research on VISIBLE? I'll poke around on your site. Thanks for this-I was feeling like I'd dropped my basket! Dr Karen

  10. my issue with mint is the recovery fees….if they are still using it. they claim to give you things, but at checkout they hot you with recovery fees that total what they gave you “free”. i purchased a year plan and the recovery fee they charged me was equal to the monthly amount, so i basically paid for 13 months but only got 12 months of service. so they are able to charge you for whatever free they are giving using recovery fees.

  11. I’ve been using Mint Mobile for over one year.

    I purchased Reolink security cameras that use cell to enable live feeds & download captures.

    One is for a camera at my gate… 1/2 mile from the house… one I use as a trail camera. Super convenient to get live feeds. I’ll have friends over to boat hunt… we’ll play pool till the camera alerts let us know pigs are about.

    The price is supposed to be $12 / month. But that only if you purchase a year in advance.

    HOWEVER, they generally offer great sign up & re-sign up deals … so effective price can be as little as $8 month.

    Though this is an all data application… I’ve only used at most 2GB in a month.

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