Motorola RAZR 2022 Review: Far From Home

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  1. They really really should've kept the chin it had… the notch is gone for good though… the outside display should've also been made to be more aesthetically fitting to the design

  2. Motorola once again forgot not to compete in similarity but distinctions to you competitors. Especially when your competitor who’s huge in comparison. They are trying to compete in boring but utilising features with Samsung again and it will again fail.

    Now instead of having a niche Razr phone, this is just a worse off Galaxy Flip

  3. Having owned a few, I like flip phones – they are definitely the future. A Samsung Flip is just so much more exciting than a Galaxy, with only a little less power/specs

  4. I own the Razr 5G and while I hate Android with a passion, I just can't get enough of the beautiful design. I couldn't be more disappointed with this new Razr. The design of the Razr 2019 and Razr 5G is what convinced me to switch from iPhone. The new Razr looks like a normal candybar phone folded in half, just like the all the others, the quirkiness is totally gone.

  5. they have usually improved from their last version and it is better than only other phone in the world Samsung flip four 😢 Why are people still complaining

  6. For everyone on here outright bashing Motorola for "killing" the "OG design"….sure, this one is bigger but it has a LOT of improvements over the last two flip Razrs of which I own both. I am a Motorola and LG junky and if everyone keeps screwing around and just giving in and saying "guess I'll just get a Samsung", then LG won't be the last to get out of the mobile market and then all we'll have are Samsung and iPhones which essentially are the same sized brick with all of the same hardware. If people would simply look around and get excited about the other makers they might just come across some cool stuff; sure Motorola didn't satisfy everyone on this new 2022….even I wish it weren't quite as big, but the improvements out weigh the things I don't like (my personal choices/opinion). Even Motorola already has some rumors rumbling about the next iteration of the Razr ALREADY….so don't give up and buy a Samsung or an iPhone just because you don't think there aren't any other choices!,of%20the%20Moto%20Razr%202022.&text=There%20are%20gonna%20be%20two,razr%2022%2C%20is%20Maven.)

  7. Top notch production quality and virtually perfect voice paired with the material/dialogue for delivery of your thoughts and review….thanks Michael.
    Now, my burning question…which carrier's SIM did you use to operate it in the U.S.? I am on the Razr 2020 and I actually love all of the editions to the 2022 though I do agree with the some of the criticisms you state regarding the aesthetic changes. At the end of the day, the "fold a big phone in half" feature has always been the biggest draw for me and I simply have an aversion to Samsung phones. I am thinking of ordering the Razr 2022 Global edition from the U.K. and using my current Razr's TMobile sim in the U.S. …thinking that would work, thoughts?

  8. I agree with you there on how it should've been anything besides a Razr. It went too far away from what made it a modern Razr and as a result, it's disappointing. I hope Motorola learns from this and see what worked before and what people will like with this faux-razr

  9. Stop complaining you sound just like my kid ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This phone is awesome 👍 if it's too big for you maybe is because you have princess hand's

  10. It's so different to the RAZR, I do think you're completely right: It really shouldn't be called a Razr. I'm not a fan of the form-factor of this "wallet phone" at all. I'd much rather buy one of the older RAZR smartypantsphones, but they're not likely to see support for much longer than a few years.

    From your review, the MegaMoto (as I'll now take to calling it) seems like a solid Galaxy-alternative indeed, but nothing more than that. Oh well, third time's the charm. I'll wait for the next generation at minimum.

  11. I greatly agree with this review. I have the 2020 RAZR and was so very very disappointed in this new design that deviated away from the the RAZR look that made it distinctive in a slew of just slabby phones. Sure maybe if they made it a bit wider would be nice or thicker so we could have a microSD card would be the most ideal and keep the design. Will I get the new design dunno maybe when it comes to the U.S. just so at least can help the market for Motorola and perhaps they will listen to their base and keep the original form factor that makes a RAZR a RAZR and not succumb to the whims of looking like any other phone. That is the reason one got the RAZR is because it is a RAZR and it stands out. Perhaps if they had stuck with the RAZR more people would have come to the yard with beefier internals. Now they are they different kid that came back to school trying to fit in – and having lost all the originally and cuteness they were.

    yes if they had called it by any other name than RAZR perhaps it would have made much more sense. Use this phone as a filler gap and then next phone is the RAZR.

    I honestly did not get my RAZR til a year after due the price so who knows I may do the same for this one and perhaps by then they have read the room and will coming out with a RAZR 4 that returns to the original that is back to thin or a little wider w/ microSD card and sure a lil thicker they need for better camera et al is fine just "Return to Paradise (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix)" (cue the song by Shirley Horn)

    and always one of the best reviewers….was waiting to hear your feedback and all what I thought when I saw this….all points….you slay – okurrrr LOL

  12. So disappointed by this phone, especially the look of it. I liked the previous one but it didn't work in my area because of the limited antennas inside, so I switched to the Samsung Flip 3. Was hoping Motorola would come back with a Razr that was more up to date but looked as cool as the last one.

    Maybe next time.

  13. I upgraded from the v60 to the moto razr2022. I do see your points about what this phone isn't compared to previous models. I knew I wanted a foldable phone as an upgrade and the outer display was a huge selling point compared to Samsung's flip4.
    I use the outer display for quick calculator access for my job and messages when I need to quick message someone if I don't want to ruin movie experience for others.

    My biggest worry was it's an overseas phone. And I was told at&t and Verizon wouldn't be compatible. But I just popped in the sim card and thank God it worked.

    Your absolutely right about the software. It is buggy, and just like you said in video, the personalization app won't open for me either 😭. Personally, I use a different home launcher than the stock it comes with so it helps with my own personal customization.

  14. I had the V3i. Within half an hour of purchasing it, from new, it was glitching out. When I pressed 9 it would register as 2 or 4. Press a direction button and it would go to the menu. I went back in the shop and they said they don't accept refunds, so I dropped it on the floor and stamped on it and walked out. £70 down the drain, but a phone that doesn't function is useless.

  15. I agree about the name: it should've been different. But on the other hand: they did launch the Razr i and M a couple years ago and they were even less of a Razr in terms of design…

  16. I think your review is spot on with the new Razr. I've enjoyed owning the Razr 5G. Still think it's one of the most distinctive cooling looking phones you can get. But this new Razr. I'll pass.

  17. i understand it sucks and obviously i wish the phone was more of a true razer successor but can you really blame them for making a cheaper version fo an already sucesfull foldable. i mean after all trying cool, interesting and unique phone designs that didn't "fit in" is what killed LG. Motorola is already being pushed out of the budget phone space slowly but surely by Samsung. i hate the way the mobile phone space is going where in the NA market the only options seem to be Samsung or apple which are both companies that seem to care about their consumers less and less. it sucks to admit but compromising good and innovative design for a phone that will probably sell more is kind of a smart play that might give them some longevity to make some cool and more fun phones down the road.

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