#msi #katana #gf66 #11800h #rtx3070 #mobile #warzone #fps IT IS POSSIBLE TO REACH 150fps on 1080p


many people said i enjoyed plugging it i know i know i just show the difference.

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  1. It’s literally recommended from every gaming laptop maker that you only play demanding games while plugged in. Literally been like that for 10+ years now nothing new

  2. You need to play on high performance battery to maximize the gameplay usage a.k.a GPU %, although you would require to have your charger connected all the time

  3. Maybe you overloaded your computer with data and software etc and it ran on 10 fps with battery or you set the MSI Center setting to power saving mode (COMPLETELY SLOWS AND LAGS YOUR COMPUTER IN GAMES)

  4. Can I change power in settings more than 85w on this lap? Or this is over for this model? I think if this not be able to do it, it's weak.

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