My 1st Home Game as a Buffalo Bill | VM VLOGS S3 E4 (Week 2-4 Recap & Hanging with Josh Allen)


Join Von Miller as he takes us through the Ravens, Dolphins and Titans games. Josh Allen joins him on his new ‘voncast’ and…

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  1. Sorry man, but if that bowl really was a thing that worked every professional athlete no matter the sport would be doing it, snake oil my friend

  2. Would love to have you over for dinner with my family don't worry I have a very small family. ☺️ I know you have to be careful who food you eat and no I don't have a cat. And no dogs in my kitchen, I'm to old school for that.

  3. I watched Miller on "Dancing with the Star" and he just comes off as a cool, down to earth dude. Glad to see him finally on a team that has a chance to win the SB!

  4. Im not a primary bills fan Von, but I got a lot of respect for you after watching these videos. I'll be watching bills games just for you man keep doing what you do!

  5. I love seeing the energy you bring to the stadium. It's so fun and I'm so glad my girlfriends first football game was seeing you at home against Pittsburgh

  6. That’s just a fancy gold cereal bowl and the dude probably makes more than I do a year dinging a bowl on parts of the body. 😂

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