MY 5 “NON-NEGOTIABLE” MENTAL HEALTH TIPS! Anxiety & Depression Recovery


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  1. Beautiful! Omg I need to live your life for even just one day… you are such a peaceful soul. I can't imagine…
    Thank you for your videos! Looking forward to new in 2023 🥰
    Happy New Year, Sarah!!!!
    BTW what couch is that???

  2. Good habits don’t always prevent total meltdowns, but bad habits sure do trigger them!

    I relate so much, anxiety is intense in winter, having non-negotiables are such an important thing❤

  3. That's amazing, just know how amazing inspirational you are, love your videos on YouTube, I am happy for you , I find it very helpful and I agree, I am here for you and you have my support 💯 percent, I am working on my fitness goals ☺️🤗🌻😊

  4. I have missed you so much. Thank you for being back. I bought the AGI and that will be my first step to new goals for 2023. You are helping me so much!!!!! I love you, Dot

  5. Yes! I've been watching more YouTube videos lately and been making a conscious effort to limit TT and Instagram. The fun short videos are addicting and I end up wanting to scroll through more and more of them.

  6. Girl you are looking so strong!! You’ve really motivated me to get into strength training this new year. I committed to a daily yoga practice last January and it proved to myself that I really can do anything if I want to!

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