My Transformation – Part 6 – Keto Side Effects and Lessons Learned

In this sixth and final installment, I’ll talk about some of the side effects I experienced going into keto and some of the lessons I learned along the way — including things I might have done differently and advice I’d give to people starting a ketogenic lifestyle. Keto Reset by Mark Sisson:
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  1. People talk about how much butter you eat on keto but no one talks about how much butter is in that chocolate chip cookie or muffin their stuffing their faces with. My lesson learned: be patient with yourself…it will pay off. You may struggle in the beginning…you probably definitely will….but if you stick with it, even if you slip up, get back on…if you stick with it, you will reap all the rewards.

  2. been on keto for 6 months, before i was pre diabetic and one day, i crossed over to diabetic. long story short, taken off meds, lipids are great. lost 50 lbs. will be talking to doctor about cutting back on bp meds. i do over 100 deep squats a day, and can walk without any breathing problems. Also before Keto, i had a 4 way bypass. today you would never know it

  3. I just like to say, "I'm watching what I eat and exercising. I know…boring." 🙂 That also usually ends any further probing from them.

  4. My cholesterol is like 350 my Doctor wanted me to take 80 mg of Cholesterol pill, I refused, I was on 40 mg years ago and didn't like how I felt on them so I quit taking them, that was long before I went on low carb, but my triglycerides were only like 90,these doctors are so into following protocol when it comes to everything, he also kept trying to "jab" me, and I refused on that to.

  5. I do 16/8 fast. And only have bread/pasta/potatoes/rice once a day. Usually at dinner. Have cut down on sugar and snacking a lot. Am losing weight slowly but surely. Already feeling a lot better.

  6. Great video and mirrors my experience of being in keto for a little over one year now (down 85lbs). The issue I'm dealing with now is the loose skin. At my age the elasticity isn't what it used to be so I'm going to end up having skin reduction surgery…not excited for the surgery but I'm excited for the results.

  7. Very useful observations, thanks. After 3yrs keto with some excellent results – eg T2 diabetes glucose normalisation, arthritis pain lessened and 40lb weight loss, everything stalled for over a year and my hyperinsulinrmia raged on and I had no energy. I took it to the limit and went zero carbs. Slowly starting to feel human again. Very slow train but not going to be any stopping me as I never want to feel so bad ever again.
    What you say about sustainability is very important for me because I do reach saturation point with meat only. So now I have the occasional day when I allow a small piece of fruit, a little salad, onion and seasoning and I carefully observe reactions, if any.
    Interestingly, I can now walk past all the junk food while shopping and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I even went out to dinner with friends yesterday and felt no envy or inclination towards any of their food. I looked that cheesecake in the eye and felt nothing!! Zero cravings is not a thing I ever experienced even in my skinny active youth. Even alcohol doesn’t entice me in order to have a good time, cos I don’t want the pain and inflammation next day and lasting for weeks. So now I’m mostly ketovore and keeping carbs to a very occasional treat when the boredom sets in.

  8. Brilliant advice…from beginning to end. Loved the last tip. "Secret illuminati keto double speak." Completely agree. 😜🤣

  9. Warning, I never paid attention in school and my grammar isn't the best LOL, I could probably use a lot more commas in this post, ……….Thank you for sharing your story Steve, I could see you're genuine from the first video of you I watched, I'm drawn towards genuine people,
    I didn't become Obese till 1996 when I was 29 because at 28 in 1995, I became a Truck Driver and ate myself across America and went from 170 lbs to 245 in the first year, I'm 5 foot 11, Born in 1967, But from the age of 15 to 28 I hated being skinny! I wanted to be 6 foot plus and 200-220lbs, Long dark hair, I was depressed since grade school, insecure, fear of people/crowds, I never dated and became a loner by choice, Never had friends, I hated being a redhead because when other people were getting tans in the sun I was getting sunburned, I tried growing long hair like the cool people and my hair grew up like a afro, But I put on 75 lbs by 1996 and from there is down hill from there health wise,
    in 1997 I jumped off a 4 foot shipping dock and cracked a rib, that hurt like hell, in 1998 I had a blood clot my first one and it was painful and it messed up my valves in my veins and in 1999 I developed Venus stasis foot ulcers because of the bad valves, my blood pooled in my foot and didn't flow properly back to my heart, So my already crappy depressed life got far worse, Foot ulcers hurt like hell and they take a long time to heal, I have ulcers right now and I live in daily pain, I never got on disability because after being denied the first time I gave up and so now I have zero income and its been this way for the last 24 years,
    A few times I was healed and worked some but then my ulcers always came back after a month or two and had to quit, I live with my mother and dog, Dad died of cancer 3 years ago, I take care of her and have been here since 2008, I've accepted my life, I've never dated and not looking to date, I have no money, ZERO. I used to be an alcoholic/addict, Meth, cocaine, But overcame that hell in 2014, I did continue to drink and smoke pot and got a DUI 3 years ago so I finally gave them up,
    also found out I have Factor 5 Leiden blood disorder and that means I get blood clots easy and have 6 clots just in the last 2 years because I was still obese and no exercise due to my painful ulcers and ate truckloads of carbs, I want to eat everything when I'm bored and or depressed, and in my research I found out eating low carb is the best I can do to prevent future clots and exercise so I started Keto 2 years ago but would go a month then quit, then start and stop, start and stop,
    Now I've been at it a month and went from 225 to 205, but then quit for a week and been back at it now 2 weeks, My menu is real small, I hate eggs, pork including bacon, shellfish and fish, I only like Beef but not liver, chicken, not fond of dark meat, and veggies/Salad, I love all the fats, chesses, In the end if we want something bad enough we will overcome. I've rambled on long enough,
    Thank you for opening yourself up and by doing so you're inviting Trolls to try to insult you and that's just a internet reality. But since doing Keto over the last month my ulcers are slowly getting better, My foot Dr is a wonderful lady but said last week New Research has shown doing Keto is bad for healing, Yea right, She believes Low fat is the way to go, I believe in God and prayer,
    I to heard about Penns crazy potato diet and it works, but Wow LOL, He's a millionaire many times over and could've hired chefs to make his meals instead he ate a potato daily for 2 weeks, Thats desperation we all need !
    You're truly Strong willed to be able to do it to a tee. I had a good childhood but could never please my folks even though they have always been my biggest cheerleaders in life, because I hated school and got bad grades, Was always the last one to be picked for sports, Never asked a girl out, or got in a fight,
    I walked away from a fight in the 6th grade in front of 60 kids, I told this kid, I will meet you after school at the snack shack on the basketball court because he mocked me after I was screaming pass me the ball! Thats where everyone fought,
    Well once my wretched emotion wore off I thought, what the hell did I just do? I was going to just brush it off but saw the kid and he said afterschool at the snack shack! So it was the classic stare down and I walked away and was laughed at and ridiculed and Part of me died that day, It was downhill from there,
    But I ditched school for the next two days and then returned and the bullies of the school told me I had to fight him or else, so after school I was terrified and went ended out there again and it was stare down and I could see the principle walking out and I waited till he got close and then we fought LOL, It was adrenaline rush even though I lost, my big mouth spoke again and said, THERE;S GOING TO BE A REMATCH ! LOL, then the emotion wore off and I was like, what the hell did I do ! I walk around from the 6th garde to the 10 th grade looking over my shoulder and finally dropped out of H.S. and went to work……….I've rambled on enough, No I'm only getting started LOL. Before I type out another book, thank you for sharing your story. It made me reflect back on my life. Jeff K. Macaroni and cheese is my dog.

  10. Your transition videos were so helpful. I have done keto twice before and quit so I am now back for good. Your videos echo much of what I learned so far and some new ideas as well. And even for the things I already knew you can’t imagine how great it was to have validation from your experience that I was on the right track. My return for good to keto lifestyle started July 2022 and I’m now down 15 lbs. have 70 more lbs to go before I transition to maintenance.

    I’m testing and journaling everyday and using the app.

    Thank you so much for your candid and personal story shared. I have no doubt it will help so many people. I saved the pin to the series for recommendation to others as well.

    I am just now getting started on your videos so I don’t know if you’ve made specific ones toward what maintenance looks like after your done losing but I would be interested in hearing how your transitioned there as well.

  11. I just tell people that I am Diabetic and so I have cut out 90% of sugars and a significant number of carbs. That's usually enough to satisfy them. I am lucky that I do not have any reason, like a child or visitors, to keep unhealthy snacks in the house.

  12. Hi there, I’ve been following a keto diet for about 7 months and have dropped 34 pounds. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points, and I’ve got way more energy. I do have distilled liquor with a carb free mix occasionally, or a glass of wine with dinner. I also do intermittent fasting once a week. I stay away from cured meats and eat A LOT of green leafy vegetables. I feel great and my doctor is very happy with my results! 👍🏻😎

  13. Lower carbs cut down my gas as well! Grains and processed foods give me IBS. I had bad diarrhea but my poops 💩 got more normal after awhile.

  14. I've wanted the whole series, thanks man, I follow just the 2 doctors you mentioned and you, I really wish you the best, your content is genuine and useful.

  15. I'm so with you on the partner thing! My husband is the worst carb addict. But he's never had a problem with weight! So he doesn't understand. And feeling great is what I try to push but he just doesn't get it. And he should,because he just a more this ever have. So I feel your pain!

  16. I have been to my primary doctor and the one the website recommended to see their professional and none will prescribe that blood glucose monitor for me . I am prediabetic . I offered to pay cash for it . Any suggestions?

  17. Loved hearing your story and keto journey &advice too! I had to exit keto when i had two different surgeries and only recently started back as the weight started creeping back up on the scale. I feel so much more at peace eating keto! I intermittent fasted til I found out due to my seizure disorder I have a hard time controlling that is one thing I shouldn’t do but happily keto is excellent for this malady…. I lost 10 pounds quickly then stopped the major weight loss … then I found “serious keto” and feel refreshed with your vids. My honey is doing keto with me and together we also enjoy more healthy veggies than ever before! Hoping I can pick up the weight loss with daily walks and happy keto lifestyle back now! Thanks for listening Steve!

  18. Really, really enjoyed this series. I too watched it consecutively, and learned a lot about you and keto. Loved your section on prayer, that was amazing. Can't help wondering what happened with the problems you encountered back then – lawsuit, son's choice, etc. Enjoying following your cooking videos too. I've just been on low-carb for a couple of weeks, so I'm going to follow your gradual immersion into keto. Thanks for everything.

  19. The having keto snacks available is huge. I’m also doing IF, as a matter of fact I’m doing OMAD. Which, if you’d told me 6 months ago that’s what I’d be doing, I would’ve said you need a psych eval!! However, it’s going really well and sometimes I will have a small keto snack before my big meal. That does two things. 1) Helps me stay on track and able to wait for my big meal without being overly hungry. 2)Helps me practice self kindness and say “Hey, this is Ok! You’re not making a mistake”. Which is something, in the past, I’d use as an excuse to give up.
    That would be my biggest tip. Go in educated, learn all you can about both dirty and clean keto. Then realize, some days you’re going to be a rock star and other days you’ll F@$& up or feel like you have. They’re both part of the journey. No one ever got to their destination by turning around for good.

  20. I binged watch you whole transformation serious. I enjoyed it, did not agree with all of it, but agreed with enough of it to keep watching. I would say (for me) the biggest suggestion I did not agree with was having keto snacks on hand. I know me and I know how I am about easy grab and go snacks. I will eat snacks over a wholesome meal any day. If there are snacks or even prepared meals in my kitchen they don't just call to me, they yell and scream until I make a trip into the kitchen to fetch one (or more) of them. So for me when I started low carb/keto I had to stay away from anything sweet tasting or of the easy grab and eat variety. I needed to make a meal, put some thought into it and enjoy not only what I made, but the fact that I knew what I was eating was healthy for me. I have lost 32 pounds since the beginning of the year and want to loose about 20 to 25 more pounds. I could justify to myself that I deserve some of these keto deserts, but that is a very slippery slop for me. So for now I will save those "bad" foods for something special like Thanksgiving, Christmas or a grandchild's birthday.

  21. Sorry for all the comments but Hallelujah for less farting for you 🤣 I'm just really inspired by you and your Channel ❤ ok I'm done now 😁👋 May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the Communion of the Holy Ghost,be with you. Amen
    Congratulations on your Grandbaby ❤ I have 5 🤗

  22. Steve, this was just a wonderfully raw, honest, amazing series. This hit on so many more topics than just keto. Thank you for this. You have done a fantastic job on turning your life and health around. Im right there beside you on my own journey.

  23. Just finished your lovely miniseries! It was amazing
    I’ve been on my journey since June 30, 2019
    I’m at my high school weight
    Menopause had me very concerned about my image…after not wanting to start wearing pull ups or leggings anymore, I did what you did
    I found dr berg first, dr Nick, dr berry and dr mandelle over a period of time, I found you too on YouTube. My story is so different, I’m afraid if I tell it, people would be furious. But anyway, my thoughts on what I would tell someone in the beginning is, it’s not about anything or anyone but you, it’s a mindset, it’s a lifestyle. Period. If you aren’t happy, do what you can by removing one bad food choice at a time, and add two good healthy choices.
    No corn, no wheat, no soy is how I started, then added green leafy greens, ACV drinks, and that helped me start cutting sugar, carbs & replacing with healthy fat bombs & lots of plain water. I slowly but surely made changes without feeling deprived, depressed or angry.
    I don’t watch any news, not even local news. I pray, I listen to calming music and the only tv I watch is old sitcoms, documentaries and of course I’m an avid YouTube’er.
    I’m happy, I’m healthy and I’m free. Life is good 😊

  24. 2crazyketos says in one of their videos not to tell anyone you're on keto. I completely agree. My doctor knows and told me to keep it up but none of my friends know outside of my immediate family.

  25. Really enjoyed this series!! Can you recommend some vegetables you enjoy that keep you full and in Ketosis? 🙂 I really need help with that.

  26. Congratulations I watched all six of your transformation series. Mentally and physically you are so much improved. I am sure you have inspired many people. Well done.

  27. One great thing i've learned about keto.. Is that it's LIFE saving..most people like myself choose It bc they want to HEAL the body with GOOD clean food instead of taking medicine & esting NASTY DIRTY food…plus a HEALTHY body looses fast body weight…gets you to look & feel younger & gets you off meds..Also you decide how you want to go about strict you want to do It..however you do keto It Will Always be BETTER than eating SUGAR & JUNK food. .Last… Talking to others that are for the most … ENVIOUS of our new HEALTHY look…it's better not to do It..except for when they get REALLY sick…bc only then our WORDS to them will not be wasted..then they WILL really be interested & listen to us…

  28. I have just finished a "binge watch" of this 6 part series . Your way of communicating is low key , interesting , educational , self-effacing and most relatable ! You present the good/bad/ugly of your journey in a quietly factual , caring manner that is most encouraging and helpful…thank you !!! Although you may not have the daily support you wish , a quiet positive non-judgmental example speaks volumes .
    Be safe and well ! Best wishes on your journey !

  29. Thank you so much for doing this series, I'm new to keto and the hope I have now… That maybe someday this year even, I might not hate myself and my body.. has brought me to tears! Again, thank you sir!

  30. You are the first person that I’ve ever seen mention a yawn cramp. They are the worst. You have given me such great insight and advice. It is much appreciated.

  31. Been on keto for going on two years starting with the covid lockdown I have gone from 220 lbs. to 165 lbs. What is really fun is when people that I have known for years do not believe that it is me. I recently had to show my driver's license to someone that has known me for more than 20 years to prove that I was me. You tube has been a great help got turned on to RE-LYTE electrolytes and also their salt was buying Himalayan decided my Aswell give the business to an American company Redmond is out of Utah. just got your egg bite recipe and the molds should be here today can't waite.

  32. What you said about having Keto snacks is right on! I also researched the Keto diet before even trying it as suggested by a coworker and also my hairdresser who both lost 70 pounds. I watched YouTube videos by Dr. Eric Berg, Thomas DeLauer, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Jamnadas, and programs like Serious Keto! Then, I went through my fridge and pantry reading all the labels getting rid of the food I wouldn't eat anymore and replaced it with food I can eat, basically swapping out the mayo that had added sugar and canola oil with one with no added sugar and avocado oil. One thing that helped was taking the food first out to my fridge in the our garage so it was a hassle to eat it and since my husband wasn't doing keto he still had access, but it was harder for him as well to get it, too. I created what I called my Keto Shelf in the fridge so it was in easy reach and quick snacks so I could stay on track. I went to Pinterest and for any recipe I wanted to make, just put Keto before the name of what I wanted to make and wallah, I got recipes to make that item only in a Keto version! I started drinking less alcohol (going from 2-3 times a week to once a week) and if I did I only drank vodka or whiskey, but that was after doing the diet for a month. I added IF to my Keto diet to lose more weight. I did NOT do much exercise my first five months of Keto as I wanted to just focus on the eating which was hard because prior to my weight loss I had been doing triathlons for several years (yes you would think I would have lost weight doing THEM, but I still ate the same!) and slowly added exercise back and my triathlons are now much easier with the weight gone! I am now down 40 pounds and LOVE the lifestyle. After just completing a liver and parasite cleanse program for a month, I can now do one meal a day and have tons of energy! Still have about 20 pounds to lose, but I told people that said they couldn't do Keto, that when I began and knew I could have vodka, whiskey and dark chocolate, that was enough motivation for me to stick it out (now I do not even care for alcohol unless maybe a birthday celebration or such, so like one drink, once a month!) Oh, and all my labs have come back in the normal ranges now! Woohoo! At 63 years old, I am so thankful that I do not take any pills or am diabetic which now my three siblings are dealing with. I eat less food than I used to and the food I buy is organic/grass fed meats. While this could be viewed as more costly, by eating less I feel I come out at least even because you can either pay the farm now or you end up paying the pharmacy (A shot of the diabetic drug my sister takes is about $40-50). Thank you for your honesty and insight on your journey and the before and after pics. I made the keto "Krackle" bars from one of your videos as one of my first Keto snacks and they are yummy!

  33. OMG the yawn cramp!!! I thought it was just me! That makes me feel so much better! I thought I was doing something wrong! Thanks for the electrolytes tip!!!

  34. Thanks again for all the wonderful videos you made for us. It’s truly very generous of your part to share personal information. I have been meaning to start Keto, my family does not know anything about the Keto diet and would not understand. Is there a place where I can go and see how can I start my day if I work from 8-5 M-F. I think that’s my challenge what to eat for breakfast, something that I can get ready the night before. What vegetables to eat and not eat. There are so many questions. Once again thank you for sharing such wonderful things.

  35. How do you start keto. It sounds complicated. I dont know how to count macros or any of that. If i stick to meat, cruciferous veggies and salad, is that considered keto?

  36. It’s true about people not liking to hear about your journey. I do a free seminar to teach people not just about low carbs and high saturated fats that are healthy, there are about 8 people who truly are loving this and getting into learning about how to get healthy. So I just put it out there and who wants to get healthy will come and listen those who don’t then they go their way.

  37. Perfect advice at the end! I have 2 friends who decided to go keto with me, but not my partner. And? I've shared the amazing health information I've gleaned from such videos as: from low carb down under and the benefits of keto or low carb. And, other than those 2 friends – everyone else seems to think I've jumped on a fad wagon. *So disappointing since most non-infectious illness seems either caused or at least worsened by excessive carbohydrate intake and seed oils. 😞

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