NATO and Poland say deadly blast was likely unintentional

NATO’s secretary general said there was “no indication” that a missile landing in Poland was the result of a deliberate attack by Russia. The Polish president said it was “highly likely” that it was fired from Ukrainian air defenses. Charlie D’Agata reports. #ukraine #russia #news “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell” delivers breaking news and original coverage, going beyond the headlines with context and depth. Catch the “CBS Evening News” weeknights at 6:30 PM ET on the CBS Television Network and at 10 PM ET on the CBS News app. Subscribe to the YouTube channel “CBS Evening News”:
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  1. Guaranteed the missile used was part of the Billions Biden sent to Ukraine. But Democrats and most of the media will NEVER talk about that aspect.

  2. Ukraine – "oopsy, our fault. But, RUSSIA! Send us more money!"
    USA – "Okay."
    You do realize that we've already sent close to $60 billion to the Ukraine? Given the estimated cost of the Moon launch of $4 billion, Ukraine could have launched 15 moon missions. JS. 😎🦅

  3. Ukraine is the most corrupt and poorest Country in Europe. The goverment was ruled by oligarchs that escaped as refugees. This info is all over online. Of course Western media wont dare say it. It will damage the so called innocent Lewinsky that also has 2 billion in German bank from his oligarchs bodies. A 54 million villa here in Miami, in Spain , Italy. If one hasn't read the whole history of Ukraine know little, of what Ukrainian Nazis did to Russian soldiers in wwii. Who even new where Donbas was on the map but go by Western propaganda. Every single Country on earth do propaganda. In US schools they dont teach that Germany never invaded USA and didn't destroyed any state. And wont dare teach that US has created way more wars that Russia ever did through out history. I call this brainwashing. Like the pentagon brainwashed millions that Iraq war was justified knowing perfectly it was fake. Sending the soldiers into their own death trap. Poor soldiers dont even realize what the goverment did to them. And those who did war silenced.

  4. There is a hole in this theory that this was a Ukrainian S300 anti-air missile… because if an S300 in an anti-air configuration misses its intercept, it self destructs. I mean, a failure of the self-destruct to trigger is a possibility… However early reports had the missile as a Russian cruise missile, not an anti-air missile. And now they aren't wanting to let the Ukrainians in on the investigation of this missile. I mean, I don't really want to see NATO embroiled in a war with Russia… but this situation doesn't sit right.

  5. Why did Poland invoke Article 4 to have everyone meet to discuss how they will react to this and then 8 hours later say that the investigation shows it was Ukraine who shot the missile?

    Shouldn’t they have conducted the investigation first before ever invoking Article 4? Clearly, Poland knew something to invoke Article 4 and someone told them to keep quiet

  6. ❗️Real talk: didn’t the Russians customize their missiles and don’t the Ukrainian ones detonate when they don’t hit target❗️
    edit: too much to write through YT comments but please do your research about the missile.

  7. Ukraine is weak and is trying anything to get the western world to put boots on the ground. Not anyone's war but ukraine and russia. If you support one side you are a dam fool.

  8. ukraine is irresponsible, it's now causing death in a friendly neighbors territory? ukraine needs to be dealt with swiftly, or surrender, never seen a country willing allow so much death. SURRENDER and END THIS. You have NO RIGHT to be a country if you can't defend yourself without begging like dogs for the world to do it instead. YOU HAVE LOST!

  9. Biden and his "buddies" are avoiding Russia like the plague!!! We could have video of Russia crossing the "red line" and yet they would still say" doesn't look like it was Russia!" WTF!!! Talk about collusion!!

  10. Just more bowing down to Mother Russia. NATO is a bunch of cowards, and Russia now realizes they can do whatever they'd like with no consequences.

  11. Interesting this happened just as we found out FTX is bankrupt and was funneling money to Ukraine and giving kickbacks to people in Washington DC

  12. Everyone knows how dirty NATO plays. And there goes our taxes; while most people can't afford rent, high cost mortgage or property taxes in USA.

  13. Wasnt Russia part of NATO? Ideployed to Bosnia in with the 1st Infantry Division 1996 thru 1997 and every Sunday we would have to go thru Russia territory or checkpoints to get our Field Artillery units in their area. So what happened? We had the Russians there and we had the Danish army next door in a different base camp

  14. Yes, the "unintentionally" tried to take us to World War III after it was revealed that FTX was funneling American taxpayer dollars through Ukraine to the Dems.

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