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Do you have a question? click here… to view our help guides for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Volunteer Program. If you are experiencing technical issues with your application, please contact:
#fifa22 #qatar2022 #fifavolunteer #MALEEKSTERLING -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Note: “FIFA is still giving role offers + budget for international volunteers”

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  1. I recieved email from fifa that I need to book a session for my training and meet the other teamates but suddenly when I want to select my booking session the day and time is full already. please advice and help me to book an a session..

  2. My interview was over on June 29 I’m international ,it was a very fun experience but Still haven’t got the result’s, are they still sending the mail?

  3. I was pre-selected for an interview for the FIFA WC (Qatar 2022).
    I picked an interview session on several times, however, I was always not able to be connected to the group meeting/interview.
    I already downloaded the Microsoft App for the interview.
    Please is the time indicated for the interviews GMT ?
    I am in Accra, Ghana.
    Kindly help, because I don’t want to miss the crucial window period for my interview.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi! I just accepted my offer. I wanted to ask about the shift selection process, when I looked at the dates it said that the applications are not open. Does that mean that they will be available for us to select the preferred shift timings later?

  5. Brother I have a concern, I understand international volunteers have to pay their air tickets, accommodations etc but what if inter. Volunteers don’t know anyone in Qatar. So how they gonna fine place to stay? Like locals have their place to stay but for the people who don’t know anyone in Qatar then how they will find place to stay? Also, I heard, last World Cup fifa provided hostel for the international volunteers and volunteers pay for the hostel so in this World Cup is that something gonna happen? Please share your thoughts.

  6. Assalamu alaykum Maleek brother when does FIFA start sending an email about ROLE OFFER
    They said it will start mid July till begin August but it already 22 July and I guess nobody received the message

  7. I received email from fifa to join the group online interview.i tried several times to add session but unfortunately everytime it says unavailable or event kart shift full.

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