New York

NEW YORK is a contemporary tale of friendship set against the larger-than-life backdrop of a city often described as the center ofโ€ฆ

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  1. Orlanda..thoda aur bhi kooda pass kar do! Jaise aadarsh lavi namaste karke jaa raha hai ghar ke saamne aur main alag hi aatma hoon!! Your religions are childish. Please do not pass garbage. Also, i did not like these movies. It was only for passing time

  2. Thanks for giving me a purpose in life O lord. I was spreading bad thoughts by imagining people nude in my head..and was passing it. If it is be it.

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  4. Very sad for thr innocent lives in sep 11 attacks but what FBI Of US actually did to innocent lives after that was also horrible….Thanks to Barack Obama who shut down the tortures and detanss. Isliye kehte hain gehun ke sath ghun bhi pista hai…Ek Osama Binladen ke terrorism ne saare innocent muslims ko torture dilwaya

  5. I just wish that ending could be different. Even though Sam was killed, Maya could survive and continue her life with Omar and her child….There was no fault of Maya, why they shot her???

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