Nokia G400 5G Unboxing: Smooth Performance All Day | T-Mobile


The Nokia G400 5G is a powerful new phone from Nokia, with a fast, durable screen, high-quality cameras and extra-large…

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  1. Got this device last week. It's actually very decent but one major con my notifications don't seem to be working for any apps unless I actually open them.
    So I may have to be saying hello moto again.

  2. I have had it for almost a week, Upgraded from Motorola Stylus 5G…lagging, takes till forever to open apps…disappointed 😐

  3. 9/17/2022

    Just got this phone yesterday as I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

    Not surprisingly due to the age of that phone, this Nokia is a nice step up. My ONLY gripes (and they're not huge ones) are

    1. No wireless charging.
    2. The "speaker" at the bottom is just basic….well behind other more immersive mobile speaker setups.
    3. Volume down button is too close to the power button. Sucks if you have large fingers.

    Other than that it's a great phone, especially for the price. 😊

  4. I think the X100 is better with Zeiss optics plus UFS storage. Nokia said this phone comes with emmc storage only. But the headphone jack, the accurate side mount fingerprint sensor and micro sd are definitely desirable.

  5. Goes to know when I try to upgrade to the pixel 6 pro y'all don't have it no more I really wanted that phone I don't want the low spectrum one and that really sucks got a premium phone at a premium low price for the one I wanted

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