1. I live in China where people celebrate Hiroshima and hate the Japanese to this day and always will. Yet in the West within ten years of the the war ending British and Americans were friends with Japan/Germany and were buying their cars and other products, and films like this are made and there is regret and guilt over Hiroshima. In comparison Japan still does not aknowledge its war crimes, neither does Turkey during WW1 et. Around the world it also seems many nations still complain about their former colonial masters and seek reparations etc. So the thought has occurred to me that forgiveness and – in the case of Oppenheimer – guilt over past actions are Western/Christian maybe even ''white'' characteristics not shared by other cultures.

  2. I wonder if you'll get background radiation clicks and maybe the odd explosion going off that garbles most of the script? Then a follow up interview with Nolan telling us that ambient noise is more important than what they're saying

  3. Nuclear energy was used before the flood in Noah's time, this is nothing new. But this nuke movie is coming out now that the world is getting ready for nuclear WW3.

  4. to come up with the idea of compressing radioactive mass by means of an explosion in order to cause a critical reaction is mind blowing. cant wait for this movie

  5. SNL once had a sketch featuring Michael Meyers as 'Lothar of the Hill People'. Sound track is orchestral version of Lothar's intro tune. Swear to God, it's almost copyright infringement. Look it up and you won't ever un hear it. You're Welcome.

  6. This movie is going to be groundbreaking and I can't think of anyone better to play J. Robert Oppenheimer than Cillian Murphy. His likeness to JRO and flair for the dramatic will be legendary! As a history buff, I can not wait for this adaptation of the birth of the atomic bomb.

  7. Chills down my spine. This movie is going to be beautiful & heartbreaking. Nolan looks to have done a great job from the trailer. Cillian Murphy is a legend too. Knowing what I know about this event in history… I'll probably cry man tears watching this.

  8. Also, curios to see how woke this is. We are using the current feelings/tensions of today’s world to make a film capturing a completely different era and time in world history, when millions of lives were already killed in WWII and Japan was unwilling to surrender, going as far as putting pillboxes in the streets to shoot at American soldiers (if they were to invade.)

  9. Big fan of this era of science, what was done in a short period of time, and using an untested design in the battlefield (Little Boy,) but that lack of an Oppenheimer nose on actor Cillian Murphy is driving me nuts. The size/shape of Oppenheimer’s nose is a distinct feature (look at any side profile photo of Oppenheimer, it’s rather large, and sloped.) This “Oppenheimer” looks like he left Los Alamos, NM to get a nose job in Scottsdale, AZ.

  10. I can't wait to see this. Murphy was born for this role. It may be ,it is, there has never been a more important role for an actor to play or translate such a consequential man of history.

  11. "Fat Man and Little Boy", 1989 film with Paul Newman (General Groves) and Dwight Schultz (Oppenheimer).

    But this is from Oppenheimer's viewpoint. Which is a lot more bleak.

  12. all the people who invented the bomb are smarter than the people who did not invent the bomb so if they really did not want to invent the bomb they could have said " no , not my cup of tea or " I will try – then fail or they wanted to do it and then had misgivings about what they had done . America asked scientists to build the bomb and they did it – lets see the story of the people who didn't want to do it–for example " hey we have a bat virus should we see what more we can do with it?

  13. Вау!!! Крутой трейлер!!! А я даже не знаю о чем фильм, хоть и слышал название уже несколько раз😬

    ENVIRONMENT = EN VIRUS MIND (the virus is in the mind/ or the mind is the virus)

    We're in a Simulation… 'living' on the surface of an Atom… and we're AI quantum viruses.

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