Oppo Find X5 review

Oppo Find X5 is the smaller brother of Oppo’s flagship device and the two have surprisingly good feature parity. But that doesn’t mean either of these two phones are cheap, so we should definitely take a closer look. Watch our video review for EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s main features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance and camera image quality. ▶ Download the GSMArena.com merchandise here: https://merch.gsmarena.com/

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***************** Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 00:20 – Design and build 00:57 – Screen specs 02:05 – Test stereo speakers 02:23 – Snapdragon 888 5G- performance 02:47 – Battery life and charge test 03:12 – Android 12 and UI 03:53 – Under-display fingerprint scanner 04:04 – Storage options 04:09 – Camera specs 04:29 – Daylight photo quality 05:42 – Low light photo quality 06 :24 – Selfies 06:34 – Video quality 07:06 – Conclusion

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  1. Heating And Draining issue Help Us Save The Oppo Find X5 Pro
    the first time I had this problem was with my first Opportunity find X5 Pro that I bought in the march this year. the battery drains very quick even when you don't use. while using you can get 5h sot then later I sold my X5 pro because I didn't like the draining and heating, then I bought the Oppo Find X5 no heating and no draining of the battery also while not using the The Oppo Find X5 didn't drains at al, and only gets hot while gaming 3months later I Bought The Oppo Find X5 Pro again because I love the phone its a great product and still facing the same problem switched back again to The oppo Find X5 again no issues. then later on switched back again to X5 Pro again thought maybe with color os 13 anything will be fixed and much better buth My X5 runs on color os 13 and my X5 Pro runs on color os 12.1 patch October 2022.
    I bought The Find X5 Pro 3Times and Faced The same problems with 3 different phones, I switched once to a other phone company, buth like oppo so much that I keep coming back
    I only browsed a bit on chrome while using wifi til 22:00 I got outside switched to 4g and the phone gets hot while browsing then in standby I didn't used the phone, and it drains while idle the Find X5 losing 10 procent battery if you browse for one hour on internet the Find X5 pro Gives you 45minutes
    5hours sot and the phone will be dead a lot of people also talking about this, on Xda Developers, that why I Said #saveoppofindx5pro because we all love the Phone buth the battery and heating Problem makes it Not a Fine Experience

    I bought the Find X5 Pro I had it 3 times 1 the the white on ass seen on the picture . I sold it because of draining and heating isseus, then switched twice back to the Find X5 white a white one sold it later on because I loved it so much sold back a other Find X5 Pro and still facing the same problem so I had 3 times the Find X5 pro and 2 Times the Find X5 and didn't had any of this problems got 7 till 8hour sot
    and I had the Find x5 pro5 3 times so I don't think a factory reset wil work. I think maybe It can fixed with a big software optimization update since the release of the phone I have the same problem over the 7 months periode I used over 3 different Find X5 Pro Phones and have the same isseu I hoped Color OS 13 will Fix This buth there is
    Also no Color OS 13availble For my Find X5 Pro so I will wait and see
    also the bench mark before the October patch it performed a little bit better than after. buth over I love the phone please help me Fix the Heating And Draining issues
    i also have Qhd turned, of using only 120hz because with Qhd on the phone dies even more Faster overal Sot For the findX5 Pro is 4till 5 hours maybe 5;30 sot and it wil die
    Find X5 can Give 7 and in sometimes 8 It depends

    please help us Get this to Oppo To Get I more Optimized Battery life And
    Heating Issue #SAVEOPPOFINDX5PRO

  2. Reno 8 Pro should have had its cameras specs since its looks is way better !
    Hope that Find X6 series will be as beautiful as Reno 8 Pro 🥰

  3. The price of this phone is more than an iPhone 13 pro. That’s just ridiculous, the whole thing about oppo was that they trashed iPhones but were half the price. Now they are slightly better (depending) and cost more.

  4. I'm impressed how people don't care about a 999$ base price Snapdragon 888 smartphone in 2022, that Mari Silicon X should not be the reason of this stupid price, look at the Xiaomi 12… People be hating Samsung for release S21 FE too late at 829$, but you can get it for 558$ now, and this Oppo is just Oooooverrrrated, no excuse for Oppo, they don't have the standing to do that, even the iPhone 13 is cheaper !!!

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