1. Our season is pretty much torched so I don’t mind the rams being the sacrificial lamb for the Packers to
    make it to the Playoffs

    If they do end up beating SanFran…well let’s call that a Belated Christmas Present

  2. Despite the interceptions Baker still put the Browns in a position to win that game against the Packers 22-24 isn’t something to be very hyped about this in Baker Mayfield’s return especially since the Packers are an incredibly weaker team compared to last year.

    Baker returning now should be scary, and considering what he just did to the Raiders…

  3. The only way to not play the 49ers in the playoffs, I’m convinced, is to not make the playoffs. It’s weird how most times we make it, they put us out.

  4. Tom's willingness to bear the baggage of this Packers season with these weekly videos is admirable to say the least.
    I keep forgetting how good the 49ers defense is. Rams Fan has a point, but it's easier said than done.

  5. While I'm glad for the high draft pick and that Matthew Stafford won a Super Bowl, I do feel bad for the Rams. They really did screw themselves over for an immediate Super Bowl victory.

    I'd like to feel sorry for Rams fans, but as hackneyed and hyperbolic as it seems, there seems to be more LIONS fans upset at the Rams failure than there are Rams fans. Like we wanted Stafford to start a Dynasty in LA, and now that is entirely off the table, we're sad for Matthew.

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