Pentagon gives update after missile hits Poland

The US has so far seen no information to contradict Polish President Andrzej Duda’s “preliminary assessment” that the explosion in Poland that killed two was “most likely the result of a Ukrainian defense missile,” Defense Secretary Lloyd said. Austin at a press conference. at the Pentagon. “Whatever the final conclusions, the world knows that Russia bears ultimate responsibility for this incident,” Austin added. #CNN #News

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  1. So the missile that hit the village in Poland was supposedly a Ukrainian anti-missile, then where did the missile that it missed land ???. An anti-missile is usually launched as radar picks it coming into an area, meaning that if the missile was coming in from the East or North where Russia is, then this is where a normal intercept would be. Therefore if the anti-missile missed it, the Russian missile should have carried on and landed somewhere. We would probably know if it was targeting Lyviv as it would have made big news but we heard nothing. We need to know where the Russian missile landed.

  2. Yet the Russian missile (which it certainly was) was misdirected by sender transposing latitude and longitude.
    Kviv: 50.451N, 30.5234E
    Lviv: 49.842957N, 24.031E
    Polish farm hit: 50.451N, 24.031E

  3. We need to support Ukraine in any way we can. Ukrainians need to request that help. We and all other Countries need to prepare and be ready to provide it.

  4. You assholes left billions in weapons in Afganastan that could have been used in Ukraine but that would have saved billions of dollars from getting laundered.

  5. So if ukraine blames russia nad says it was russia who attacked poland, then this should invoke article 5 and ukraine should be attacked, because that would imply ukraine did this deliberately.. LOL

  6. Russian propaganda on telegram is using this to say that it was Ukraine that bombs itself and its never committed war crimes in Ukraine. Just disgusting😡 And Trump Junior tweeted that we should stop helping Ukraine. Wow you cant make this crap up.

  7. these liars need to be replaced with real patriots, they are a major part of the problem, indoctrinating soldiers so they can turn them against other Americans. If they can take away everyone's guns then we're stupid and we'll die.

  8. There is a information in the internet… if you take parts of the coordinates of Lviv and Kyev and program it mixed in a missel you get the a nearby point were the missel hit! Funny… 😉
    Look for Danny Davydov's Channel!

  9. The only reason you guys care is because Ukraine is your little democratic NATO puppet where you can put your own nuclear missiles on Russia doorstep doorstep just like the Cuban missile crisis which you guys had such a big whinge about in the first place you guys are the absolute biggest hypocrites and the shadow government is obvious. I'm pretty sure that the democratic West that runs the world is actually in secret behind closed doors being run by evil people and I believe that we get fed a whole bunch of lies and that Russia is actually standing up to these evil ppl in power.

  10. You realize more and more people are not falling for your spin, sir? But I expect you to continue to abuse your own citizens to fund your war machine/game. Words like 'Ruthless', 'savage', etc. applies to US bulldozing of Iraq, etc. especially "Illegal Invasion". The hypocrisy

  11. How two or three missiles hit Poland. I think Ukraine want to start World warll with false flag operation like bucha false flag operation ( destroy peace talks on April).

  12. youll never know who fired it Russia is in ukraine and Ukraine picked up Russia supplies they left in Kherson. Russia name is on it either way.Russian rocket? Ukraine could have fired it to put the blame on Russia or Russia fired it to see how much they can get away with .

  13. Prayers and thoughts to the Polish people. It's been a sad day for Poland and the same for the Ukrainians; Putin and PutiniZm is the evil. Putin is the Satin, he is the devil incarnate and Lavrov, Lukashenko are the devils agents! Love to Poland and Ukraine and my prayers are with you!
    Putin and his PutiniZts have to retreat from all Ukrainian territory back to Ukraine's Borders borders pre 2014.
    Russia must acknowledge that it has broken the United Nations Charter of Nations, it has broken the Budapest Memorandum, and it has broken the Helsinki Accord!
    Russia must pay reparations for this Evil War!
    The vile evil of Putin's Poison describing his horrible justification of Ukraine and his disgusting rhetoric about ethnically cleansing Ukraine of Ukrainians is so abhorrent to civilized thinking is tragic. The only NAZI or Stalinist is Putin the PutiniZt. Mr Evil and Lavrov grandchildren attend Western Universities… do some of Putin the Zist's = hypocrites, kleptokrats, and Dr Evils.

  14. And absolutely American are brilliant in creating their system, all risks assessments are taken into consideration and it’s what makes America The America using their minds to create something good that will less for long…
    Absolutely the rest of the world don’t think that way and instead using their minds to do same way to create something you be proud of their destroying because of jealousy!!!
    Despite taking all that in the consideration all this bases on financial system!!!
    So that system that helped Putin brutal war against peaceful people that gave nuclear arsenal in sake of peace ☮️ must be used in most harsh way to destroy that bloodthirsty beast and just remember that beast brainwashed own people to the point that they became bloodthirsty creatures to support bloodshed on the territory of sovereign peaceful nation!!!
    Do we have those monsters that thinks that they have right to in slave people and brainwashed them that they were born to be slaves, sending their children to western countries to memories as scribes do the system but they minds malfunction can’t understand the fundamental of the system…
    And those brave people and very cleaver are being in slaved for thousands years and used by those creatures to achieve what they have achieved and you can see by facts now why Russia invaded Ukraine because they can’t simply survive without people from Ukraine more specific Slavs of Kievian Rus who build Moscowia and when they destroy the Kievian Rus they named themselves Russia and than named Kievian Rus as Ukraine!! Russia Asian nations with genes 🧬 in their blood to destroy anyone who is not obey their rules!!!
    Evil 👿 forces against humanity and their freedom to make own choice!!!
    Isn’t that oppose American values than why America put own values for sale??? Human dignity it’s fundamental of those who created America as republic so must be otherwise there be no America, just a product of merchants world!!!

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