“Perish Song” ♪ (Piano Version) Original Pokémon/Vtuber Song – Trickywi

Scraped piano version, but I felt alive. Text, instrumental and vocals by: Trickywi. Original Perish Number: https://youtu.be/6Jzbdg4t4f4
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trickywi Vtubing streams My Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Trickywii

Art by: https://twitter.com/henriebot
Video + moving images by: https://twitter.com/JoshFreedTV
More tricky songs? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLlOZRZP_74cwrFd7V1YrnO9BPgoTaPBy

“Perish Song” Based on the Pokemon movement mixed with the lore of my Egyptian Vtuber character. A Ka Dua No Ra (Ancient Egyptian) (O High One! No Light/Sun)

[ VERSE 1 ]
Let me tell you about a chant from an ancient tomb. It is a fable of a gloomy song. I can tell you how it goes, you want to see a ghost? Let’s see what the ancients wrote. Mama told me not to sing this old tune because it will lead to my downfall. But I really should have known.

What exactly is the worst that could happen? My friends are coming. Once they’re there, we can sing together and see what the song can do

————————————————– — Time to sound the solemn siren It’s a moaning melody I lead Unholy harmony that sounds A Ka Dua No Ra Count down to the sure silence Let the dark side become your ally One two three and the time has come Ohhh fall with me Hear my Perish Song Hear my Perish Song —————————————————— – ————

[ VERSE 2 ]
An eerie bit of strange in the air and then an eerie little bit of fear inside My skin tickles, have we let something in, the warmth is thinning Feel my family down to my precious bones Rising slowly on a throne Why do I feel like I’m home ben, when you run, you’re on your own, believe in me, we’re not alone

[ BRIDGE 2 ]
What exactly is the worst that could happen? We need to sing again Come on friends let’s see what the song can do together {en?}



Now listen to your queen You’re my puppet on a string Melody lift me up (Fall with me) Oh fall with me You gotta sing Oh fall with me Oh fall with me!! LAST CHORUS

Listen to my Perish Song [ x1 ]

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  1. It's nice to have both original and piano, remixed and non-remixed. This version is my favorite as it compliments the "spookiness" of the song. Well done! <3

  2. Oh deary where do i start?
    First off, before today i didnt know you and i didnt know this was supposed to be for Pokémon as this someone landed in my random music playlist.
    If someone had told this was a Cover or Remix i would have believed them. You are amazing dear person. This gave me shivers in places i didnt know you can shiver at. Looking forward to more from you. Consider one more Person more than impressed.

    P.S. this gave me inspiration for a new Chapter in an PNP game im planning

  3. I'm almost sad that I heard this version first, before the original. After hearing this iteration, the original sounds almost too upbeat with the middle Eastern/Egyptian flair. This has haunting melody and her vocals feel like they are invoking something that is going to entrance and then consume the listener in the process. She's definitely more of a siren than a harpy.

  4. This song is wonderful and gives me inspiration if I want my Kitsune shrine maiden to denounce her goddess form and this song be the key to doing so. As she is literally killing her divine form to become a Nogitsune.

  5. It would have been better if it went: "Hear my Perish Song | Fear my Perish Song"

    But that's just me and my biased opinion.

  6. I found this song on song on Spotify, but I found Tricky through Painted Faces when CG5 reacted to it in one of his videos. When I listened to the song on Spotify, I heard the lyrics "A ka dua no ra" which I obviously could tell were in a different language. When I put it is google translate, it said that the language was Hawaiian and it meant something like "And the ancients prayed." It wasn't until I found this video that I now learned the actual language and what those words truly mean, and that made this song so much darker.

  7. 1:57 am I going crazy or is someone saying something like "bunny" in the background? I've reminded it five times and it's always at this time I hear it.

  8. I feel so ashamed XD I've been listening to this song for a long time, but then I was introduced by tricky just recently, and I never connected the dots that this was tricky facepalms

  9. Also I think you should do a cover of "comes from the inside" by The Living Tombstone. I think you could put some real Serious weight on the lyrics of the song.

  10. Not sure which I enjoyed of these better — but since this was my first exposure to you on YT — instant SUB!~ Hope to hear/see more of you and your work!

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