Perry Groves names Harry Maguire in England's starting XI against Iran in the World Cup!

Will Gareth Southgate play a 5 defender or 4 defender formation? Perry Groves picks Maguire in a 4-3-3 to win England’s…

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  1. I could never understand why England think that they are world beaters because on footballing evidence they are not it like saying a leprechaun will knock out Mike Tyson simply won't ever happen 🤔

  2. England to finish bottom of the grpup like they did in the national league lost three and drew two and moreless the same squard he got out there today two teams that totally humiliated england at home ITALY in the Euros finals and not forgetting that total embarrassing lost to Hungary 4.0 so at 12/1 for Iran to win sounds like at nice 130 pounds tenner on iran

  3. England morally corrupt going to Qatar then has the audacity to kneel & start preaching. England & talkSPORT has decided money over morals 💰💰💰

  4. Never let England down, they lost a semi and a final in their era so far. Famous last words when England get knocked out the World Cup, Maguire, Shaw, Sterling, Pickford, they never let England down, we’ll see about that.

  5. If i was playing a back 3 then id play Trent as he could push right forward and with someone like Ben White behind him as cover he wouldnt need to worry about defending as much, if i was playing a 4 id go for Tripper though as he is better defensively in one on ones

  6. Honestly, I would like maguire to start and give him a trial of 1-2 games and see if he fucks up like has been doing the whole year. Then if he does, bench rest of the tourna,ment

  7. As much I we don't like it Southgate is going to play migure so it's probably best he does play against Iran and Philips, it's the only game we'll probably dominate so they have a bit of game time in them before we get to harder games because usa and Wales ain't going to be easy.

  8. 5 at the back, 2 holding, Harry dropping deep and long balls down the channels for Saka & Sterling to chase. The Southgate master plan revealed. Home in a week.

  9. Ben White for Maguire…We Need to test him in an Easy Match.. Please Bench Maguire… He's going to lose your Job of England Manager… Don't be Stupid Man…🙄

  10. I hate the way that they judge Cody purely on the fact of he’s in a struggling team. I am an Everton fan and agree we are struggling but Cody has been incredible, grow up and stop blaming the wrong people for their teams woes. I’m thinking of Tarky, Cody and Pickford in particular, makes no sense and sounds like you’re just jumping on the same old bandwagon everyone else is on.

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