Please Avoid These DIRTY Keto Foods (and Why) – Complete List

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Questions answered in this video: – What are the differences between “dirty keto” and “clean keto?” – What are examples of dirty keto foods? – What are examples of clean keto foods? – What is an example of a dirty keto menu? – What is an example of a clean keto menu?

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  1. A few bucks here, a few bucks there, adds up really fast. This isn't cheap at all, saying that it is just makes me think you don't understand low income budgets. It's the main reason I don't really do keto, it doesn't really have any cheap staples.

  2. I did dirty Keto and lost a ton of weight but then I started having heart problems (PVCs) and Triglycerides were through the roof. So I stopped and gained some weight. Now I'm back but doing clean Keto with lots of greens/veggies and cleaner protein profile. So far I feel great with no issues. Eating clean makes a world of difference in my personal experience.

  3. Is being on keto safe being on thyroid medicine because I’ve been on thyroid medicine for years I do high-protein eating 4 to 5 eggs every day I just wanna know if it’s safe

  4. I buy egg land best eggs. There healthier for me. I tried those cheap eggs once. They tasted real bad. So I went back to my egg land best eggs.

  5. Well Mr. Weight Trainer to the celebs. I wasnt to be impressed. I just cant. You are prpbably excellent at your profession. But Celebs. YUCK! Not everyone can afford or has the availability to all you mention. Especially now that inflation and some food shortages have hit. I am lucky enough to raise my own chickens. So yes, I have good eggs. We have large garden so I get organic veggies.Our meat comes straight from the grocery store/Costco The only meat I refuse is Walmart Since my hubby and I work our hineys off and still live paycheck to paycheck grass fed beef, ghee (Sometimes I will make my own when I have time.),and all the "good" Costco/Amazon Keto snack are just absurdly expensive. You bet I will have grocery store salami or ham. Pork rinds are gross! I also will indulge in a chaffle or 2 with Tuna or egg salad. I have been doing OMAD Keto and 36 hour fast 1x weekly since mid June I am nearing a 20 pound weight loss. I cannot imagine messing with macros etc. I am 64 until about 48 hours after starting my Eating Plan I was in unfathomable pain from RA. Even going cheap, no pain, no swelling,NO MEDS, not even Ibuprofen. I have convinced my Rheumatologist to look into fasting as a medical treatment. Though he is of course highly sleptical. My plan? Zero Sugar Zero. Minimum sweetners like monk fruit or stevia. Zero Grains, not any at all. Thats is. Just understand for some people having a handfulof pork rinds is a heck of a lot better than a handful of Doritos.

  6. I quit trying with keto… been trying for 6 years… i eat in a 2 hr window daily… whatever i want. It feels like freedom… I eat anything I want. I share it on my channel. I do try to eat a low inflammatory, nutrition dense WAPF style diet most days, but I don't have to. Fasting is healing AND burns fat. I love it. I think you should try OMAD. 22/2. It's awesome, I eat a large meal and whatever my body tells me to. I have dessert everyday!

  7. I thought organic peanut butter was healthy. I didn’t realize the omega 3 to 6 ratio is a killer. It’s 20:1 ratio 6’s over 3’s. It needs to be 4:1 ratio. It’s extremely inflammatory at 20:1. I didn’t know this…..

  8. I think I've been doing VERY dirty KETO. Summer sausage and pepperoni have been my evening snack (usually with a spicy cheese from Boar's Head). Lately, I've been doing a bit too much peanut butter (but thats my weak spot). Anyhow. Had blood work drawn, and LD was VERY high. Dr. wants to put me on meds (statin), which I declined. I now have a month to show that its diet related, and I can fix it. SO, while dirty KETO is KETO, there are side-effects that will eventually catch up to you

  9. Dude, thomas. You’re a mess. In your “15 Surprising Foods People Would NEVER Consider Keto Friendly “ you told people buffalo wings are good and have you staff gunning for it. Here you are, having wings in the freaking dirty list.

    Are you feeling fine?

  10. Let's face it – in these times most people have to deal with walmart. There is a price chopper or other local grocery store and the prices are at least double. If you buy bulk eggs you aren't getting pasture raised it will wipe you out. You get a 36 or 50 pack for about $7 bucks, get some cottage cheese, some ground beef (steaks are getting insane priced) and some cold cuts and whole chickens and bags of frozen veggies.

  11. Thank you for dumbing it down for me. I honestly don’t know how to eat or whats good and whats bad. For example cauliflower pizza, it has no bread so I assume it good for you but I would of never thought about the rest of the ingredients.

  12. Dirty keto is better than no keto. Also some people have allergies to avocado, nuts, dairy, peas, stevia, eggs. Life is not just cut and shut as you make out. No one is the same. So what’s dirty to one may be only tolerated to another. So think. If someone is doing there best on their limitations it’s better that nothing. I believe dirty keto to be this= eating a virtual of carbs up to 50 to 100g then doubling the fat to make trick the body from over eating. That’s dirty keto.

  13. Farm raised eggs are now the same price as the grocery store eggs. Instead of peanut butter you can use sesame seed butter. Which I add to my breakfast everyday. For sweetness I add coconut cream. It's delicious.

  14. This was a great breakdown, thank you 👌

    Some people commenting that "dirty keto is better than no keto" and I fully understand, especially if you are on a budget but people must understand that eating 'dirty keto' is counterproductive, you are doing yourself a disservice in the long run because the ingredients in the foods in 'dirty Keto' are unhealthy and will cause you other health problems down the line.

  15. Thank you for these tips! Avoiding Canola and soy oil has truly changed my life, before even beginning keto and fasting! With fasting, I eat so much less, that I can buy higher quality ingredients and still spend less on groceries than when I ate garbage.
    We raise our own chickens for eggs and use an inexpensive soy-free, non gmo feed. If we don't have our own eggs, we buy soy-free, free range eggs for about $3/dozen or buy $2 eggs from any of the many locals who raise chickens and sell eggs. We hunt our own deer or trade for deer meat at almost no expense.
    We always have an eye out for healthy clearance foods and supplements. Thanks to God, eating healthy keto has been pretty easy and inexpensive!

  16. I never get my question answered from either dr. Erik Berg, Thomas, dr. Ekberg or Dom D’Agostino. And I will try again. What to do when your country cant provide you with grass fed, grassfinished products? We have organic in Sweden but you still not know what our animals is fed.

  17. I think the consensus is that "dirty" keto is better than no keto at all, and I totally agree! I truly would love to be able to afford to be able to do clean keto with grass-fed , pasture raised, organic, etc foods, but I struggle to buy the dirty keto items. However, even the "dirty" keto has not only helped me lose weight, but improve all of blood work numbers; fasting blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, and everything else down the line. My BP is averaging 20 points lower, and pulse is down too!

  18. For a while though that keto was just the dirty version with all this low quality stuff and fat that I’m not used to it because I never had that lifestyle before I got overweight because I developed insulin resistance during pregnancy. After almost 2 years of trying to lose weight they way that I used to do it before insulin resistance and PCOS I only lost 15 pounds in 2 years!! I was about to consider a weight lose surgery but for 40 pounds I don’t think they will let me. I was getting desperate and then I started doing a research and turns out that there’s clean keto that helps revert my insulin resistance and PCOS. I have les than a week and I’m doing 30 minutes of treadmill and 30 lifting weights that I used to do it before and I can tell the difference already is like my body is shaping up faster is amazing with clean keto I don’t feel like throwing up with that fat taste after heartburn. Thank you for this video!

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