Qatar vs. Ecuador Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar and Ecuador kicked off the 2022 FIFA World Cup in style! Ecuador showed urgency and scored a penalty goal by…

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  1. This offside call makes no sense to me. The freeze frame that they showed on the VAR call (not included here) shows number 11s leg being offside. Here is the thing: the freeze framed the shot when number 11 touched the ball. You can’t be offside when YOU are the one who passed the ball!

  2. All America is behind you accept to 2 countries. Congratulations Ecuador !
    Toda América los apoya excepto 2 países. Felicidades Ecuador!

  3. I know the rules but to me it looked like 19 is still keeping Valencia onside.. I was almost convinced Qatar might be backed by FIFA 😬😂

  4. I didn't see any offside when the ball was kicked or any moment before the goal. The VAR showed the offside but there was nothing from the play that showed the offside. The VAR must have shown some other simulation that showed the offside. Favoritism from the referee. Must be from the king or Qatari officials who bribed the ref not to have Ecuador scored within first five minutes.

  5. I truly hope nothing bad happens if they don't manage to win a single match, not trying to insult the country but its garnered a lot of controversy for a reason, middle eastern countries laws are just not what most of the world subscribes to or deem moral. I get that I shouldn't paint an entire population by the actions of the few but I can't help it when that region has gatherer so much attention due to the volatile and extremist nature of few.

  6. We are Proud of you, Well Done Qatar first Muslim country to host Football World Cup, so Rich in Culture. Fifa 2022 World Cup will be on of the best Football World Cups every hosted in history. Well played both teams. It's great to see a extremely new location for Football World Cup.

  7. Qatar team must be under alot of pressure because they looked tight against Ecuador. It did not look like the team that won the Asian cup and made it to the semifinals in Copa America.

  8. These highlights need to be better edited imo. More context leading to goals, fouls, etc would help. Feels super choppy. NBC’s are a great standard for post game highlights for the prem

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