1. Do people really watch this during the game? It seems like a thing for people that don’t have real life friends to watch the game with. I appreciate it and sometimes watch some segments after to witness a cheerleader.

  2. Nice win for the Packers. Rodgers putting the emphasis on "one of those teams are at .500 right now" at the end of the game. That team defeated the Packers already this season and that win started the 6-1 run that they currently have going. 🤷‍♂

  3. Falcons Seahawks in the wild card round, and we already beat them
    Falcons 9ers in the divisional round, and we already beat them 28-14
    Falcons making the conference championship baby!

  4. If Packers win out and somehow make it, then that opens the Niners to get the #2 seed. That means Packers @ Niners in the Wild Card round. Are you sure you want that, Tom? 🤣

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